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Biafra: Proscription of Ohaneze And S/E Govs, A Great Achievement Of IPOB

Biafrans protest with a 110 meters Flag in Aba

By Chima Alagba

The proscription of the rats under the guise of Igbo leaders and opinion moulders  (Ohaneze Ndi Igbo and the South East Governors) is a welcomed development which has brought great satisfaction to the troubled Biafrans. The Indigenous People of Biafra has given back the power which was long restrained from the masses.

These evil men that claim to be elders in our land have been the main reason why our people are in the tunnel called Nigeria. They have not for once defended or protected their people's interest, rather they delight in making money from their people's plight. They allowed some local government in Ebonyi state to be carved into Kogi state, those areas have not known development since it was parted to Kogi state. They supported the Hausa/Fulani and Yoruba oligarchy in infiltrating policies which are posed to hamper our development as a people after collecting fat brown envelope.

They allow rigging of elections in our land and ensure that our votes don't count so that they can collaborate with their evil allies in power to impoverish the masses in order to enrich themselves. They have allowed our refineries to be in ruin and never question while our roads are not motorable. They have not asked the government why our people must travel miles to procure their visa and travel abroad. Even our seaports are not functioning and these selfish elders have not inquired why their people have to travel to Lagos and north in order to clear their goods.

They have been sabotaging our efforts towards self-determination and have never condemned the ill-treatment meted on their people. Hence Biafrans all over the world hailed IPOB over the proscription of these quislings. Biafrans must take the bull by its horn and determine their future.


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