The Jewish idea and our collective future

   Published Tuesday,  October 30, 2018 | 17:01 GMT
Biafran Jews

By Chika Austine

Better to follow a poor wise man, than to follow a foolish rich man. Those who understand the axiom, will always understand why Proverb 4:7 stated that “wisdom is the principal thing, get it. But in all thy getting, get understanding”. Getting wisdom is good, but more good is the individual’s ability to blend such wisdom with understanding. The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (Nnamdi Kanu) has not only destabilized his enemies via his surgical choice of attacks, but sophisticatedly recycled them in waste bin by going on a high frequency where only those with an eagle courage can fly, which his opponents flying strengths don’t exceed that of vultures.

International flights are advised by those at the control room to maintain a higher latitude than local flights. When a local flight forcefully out of unhealthy competition chooses to fly above the official range allocated to her, such flight will potentially crash. That is how the world is ruled. Sincerely, there is no international flight which must not fly across the latitude of local flights before ascending higher, but by all standard, no local flight flies across the latitude of an international flight. This then means that the international pilot knows the environment of local and international flights while the local pilot understands only local environment.

When Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB were working out issues locally, local pilots like Chief Ralph Uwazurike, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Nnia Nwodo, Billie Animals Rights Initiative, some of the Eastern Governors, the nyem data e-rats analysts, the pro Biafra N1000 press conference contributors, the comatose Radio Buhari International elements, the my mother said I be Igbo Lagos products and the Abuja kleptomanias were busy ranting. What these local pilots failed to understand is that IPOB like an international pilot, was just passing through the local latitude for international latitude. They foolishly felt our flight was settling at their own latitude. Never! That will amount to vision abortion to remain at their latitude.

God forbid evil, let us by assumption accept that Biafra is gotten by a “dropout Uwazurike” or the groups of give us money pro Biafran group. We would have ended up being worst than Nigeria. Satan saw what God has in stock for us, he went ahead anointing destroyers for destruction. What supposed to be a noble course was turned into mockery by the activities of these local pilots. No wonder the serious world never got interested partnering with them. The intelligent world understands they need cement and rods for buildings than their own people freedom.

Men and women of zero integrity and reputation deserves not to spearhead the righteous Biafran course. Group of people who lack the understanding of diplomacy and international engagements should be patient to wait to turn to a political party when Biafra comes not being part to an international serious business when their knowledge don’t exceed Okwe freedom house and Mcc Junction by wethdral road Owerri those in Animal Rights Initiative. While IPOB is operating internationally and locally, these class of individuals are busy running on the streets of Douglas and Wethdral roads Owerri promising the gullible of meetings with Queen Elizabeth.

What kind of Biafra we would have gotten if these men and women who lack knowledge of political economy had gotten Biafra? That would have been the disaster of black race as these people understand political economy of state to anchor on “Atala ugba, nnwuo mmaya, ndi uba na barama”. That is what political economy means to them. Biafra would had the worst economy on earth thereby standing as an impediment to global peace and security.

Religiously, these elements are childless. They worship multiple gods in their course for seeking protection and powers. We would have found ourselves in a religiously undefined nation where “ota pia pia” is the order of the day. Thank ChiukwuOkikeAbiama for rejecting them and their plans to lead us into idolatry.

Though IPOB engages locally most times as such is needed to carry the Biafran people along towards the restoration of Biafra. But she is internationally configured to engage meaningfully among comity of nations. This most of the local pilots don’t tend to know. Anytime IPOB is seen at the level of Abuja, it because the strategy at that very moment said so, and that moment is passive not a settlement point. It is the bereftment of this understanding by those leftist, that led to them thinking IPOB is at per with them.
Remember that IPOB is mostly propelled by the diaspora Biafrans who possess different skills. It is the humane leadership of IPOB that makes some of these sophisticated intelligent and exposed Biafrans to tolerate and invest their energy for this course. This crop of Biafrans are buying into the struggle because they saw well desciplined and determined body of IPOB. If IPOB is more of frivolity, these men and women wouldn’t have buy in.

Today, IPOB like an international flight has gotten her anticipated latitude and she is balanced. Looking around, the local state sponsored oppositions and distractions have gone force majeure. No attack, no ranting and everyone of them seems to be claiming blind, deaf and dumb (BDD). Some has even technically abandoned their Facebook walls pretending Mike of Facebook suspended them. But we do know they suspended themselves fearing that what made Lai Muhammed to make a short video begging could be greater than them. Cowards!
Today, we are in Israel. We are proud of Bia-Israeli relationship. Our asset (RadioBiafra) is hosted there and most importantly, our leader is hospitably and brotherly welcomed in the state of Israel. No nation has ever considered doing so to us if not the state of Israel, and own them great thanks. How strategic and significant Bia-Israel relationship is, I will try to point out below 👇


Before now, some thieves on pulpits had falsely claimed divinity told them that Biafra is an ungodly affair. So shamefully predicted that “Nnamdi Kanu will be humiliated this year”. Ironically, the inverse is the case! Nnamdi Kanu is today internationally celebrated. In fact he was giving the highest state media platform of Israel to address world Jewish society. Hope that is a disgrace? Ndi abulu onu (cursed people).

For those Christians that lend their sense to their clergy men and women, understand from today that Israel is in support of Nnamdi Kanu and Biafra project. And if your still in relationship with your Bible, remember that Israel’s choice always enjoys heaven’s choice. So when you or your blind pastor are cursing Nnamdi Kanu or Biafra, you are cursing Israel’s choice. And your Bible says, he that curses Israel is cursed! So I allow you to make your choice. Curse us and get cursed or bless us and get blessed…


On earth, Nigeria seen to have not be free from the Israel shock he received. The anger caused by Israel support on Nnamdi Kanu led to them killing many Shiites members in Abuja. The Shiites came at the wrong time any! Nigeria is presently angry over the international humiliation by the M-BRANCH that she is expressing it anyhow.

That country that Nigeria fears (Israel) should be embraced by Biafrans. If by now, there is no press statement from Aso Rock over Nnamdi Kanu appearance in Israel, it then means there is trouble in the land. And this is an opportunity we must maximized with every fiber of our being. Israel is a voice in the world and she has what it takes to defend Biafraland for us if only we maximize this golden privilege.
Even Nigeria paid agents among us are disorganized and destabilized since the ISRAEL events unfolded. They paid agents understand that the play is beyond “be careful”. So more time for idiocy rather a time for focus and diplomatic agreements sealings. We are far ahead of them.



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