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Uchechi Collins 

News of the birth
Exploded like a thunder in the air;
And like a Harmattan wind,
It spread across the
Hills, mountains and rivers;
7th October saw the inhabitants of the land
In jubilation
That a womb
Successfully delivered
A message to the earth

The born Activist
Carried the mark
Of a warrior
From the womb;
The sun saw it and
Shone happily;
The breeze  saw it and
 Chilled gently;
The night saw it and
Joyfully stayed awake
With the moon
And the stars
Shining to mark
The birthday

Look up, look up
Cheer and wish well
This warrior
On this day, 7th October,
Of his birth;
The simple wonder
Who soaked tear and time,
Money and talent
In the pot of freedom
In support of the fight
For the confiscated ship
To sail victoriously
In the land of their

When l wish
A happy birthday
To an activist,
It means l have
So much to say
That if hands
Join with the activist,
Slavery will know
Only the past;
That if voices speak
Along with  the activist,
Justice will serve all
On daily basis
And if one supports and
Prays for the quest
Of this activist,
The land surely
Will kiss freedom

Then l pray that:
Each moment
In the struggle,
Be nice to thee
And every effort to freedom
Be rewarded with success;
And may thy birth's gift
Be long life,
Happiness and
Biafra freedom

Happy birthday,
Team leader
The brain behind
"Biafra Today"
 From all of us, #IPOB Writers,
Age gracefully!

By Onyebuchi Eucharia

Edited & Published by IPOB WRITERS PRESS
Contact: ipobwriters@ipob.org
Twitter: @ipob_writers



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