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IPOB women protesting

By Ikenna Ozulumba Mbaegbu

Date: 14.09.2018

For the truth about something,
Is time that is about everything,
Use yours for something.

There's time to be born
There's time to be gone
And there's time to mourn.

In no distant a time
Shall we forfeit a dime
To repel crime.

In no distant a time
Shall we remember
Those murdered on 14th September.

Again, we mourn
Our dead brethren
Who died that we may live.

The struggle ever fresh,
Relentless, fearless, tireless,
All, our banner.
For life without freedom is doomed.

As the enemies are out to kill,
Frenemies to deceive and steal,
Shall all crime IPOB reveal?

The wicked, evil shall slay
For the destinies they delay
God's plan already in play.

Woe unto thee
Woe unto thee
That sell your people to the enemy!

Shame unto you
Shame unto you
Who feed fat on people's sufferings!

Very high the fist of the most high
To curtail your wicked deals.
He's no man, His kingship rules.

Our suffering is eternal not,
Victory for us awaits;
He who laughs last, gets the crown.

I charge the land, Biafra land;
Into much blood has been shed,
To revenge and fight for justice.

For all that you do
All thy works of evil
Shall you in time receive your due.

But then, nothing stops Biafra!
No devil, no disaster
Because God is the master planner.

Edited & Published by IPOB WRITERS PRESS
Contact: ipobwriters@ipob.org
Twitter: @ipob_writers



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