| Published Friday, 28 September 2018 | 14:16 GMT

Nnamdi Kanu was right about Nigeria, he deserves an apology - Kenyan Lawyer

The eloquent Lawyer PLO of Kenya has called out Nigerians and their docile lifestyle to order, in a statement following the election robbery and coup that has taken place in the state of Osun in Nigeria.

“It is becoming clearer and clearer to Africans the reason why the young vibrant and eloquent speaker from the Eastern part of Nigeria, a freedom fighter for his people the people of Biafra, the reason why he called for the boycott of election in his region is gradually becoming clear not just to Nigerians but Africa at large”.


As times fly by and the days go on and on the entire people of Nigeria are now being turned into turtle doves weakened and made powerless before the world and before Africa, right before our eyes we see the governing style that has turned the country down and returning it back to stone age, the most painful thing is that the youth are seeing this and have chosen the path of a mass docility and acceptance to the ridicule of their future and the inevitable disintegration of the beauty of Africa called Nigeria.

“How are the mighty falling” citizens no longer believe of the system, the PVC, INEC is all scam that Nigerians can not see that they have been hoodwinked. How are the mighty falling that the opportunities for revolution calls all the time and gives it very best moment but why are Africans so docile…..? this it a question for another day”  Osun and Ekiti State are signs of what is going to befall Nigeria during the presidential election.



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