| Published Wednesday, 26 September 2018 | 19:23 GMT

Israel Furious as UK Party Leader Vows to Recognise Palestinian State 

UK Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said his party would recognize a Palestinian state as soon as it takes office, during his speech to the party's conference in Liverpool.
To widespread applause, Corbyn said the party would recognize a state of Palestine in order to implement the UN-brokered two-state solution.

"But a quarter of a century on from the Oslo Accords we are no closer to justice or peace and the Palestinian tragedy continues, while the outside world stands by," stated Corbyn.
"As my great Israeli friend Uri Avnery who died this year put it: “What is the alternative to peace? A catastrophe for both peoples.
"And in order to help make that two-state settlement a reality we will recognize a Palestinian state as soon as we take office."
The Labour leader also condemned the killing of largely unarmed Palestinian protesters in Gaza during the Great Return March at the hands of Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) soldiers since the six-week demonstration kicked off on March 30.
Taking aim at the “ongoing denial of justice and rights to the Palestinian people,” he said: “Our Party is united in condemning the shooting of hundreds of unarmed demonstrators in Gaza by Israeli forces and the passing of Israel’s discriminatory Nation-State Law.”
Tensions have heightened between Israel and the Occupied Territories of Palestine after US President Donald Trump effectively recognized Jerusalem as the country’s capital. The decision was widely protested in Palestine and abroad. 
The UK government is avowedly committed to a two-state solution.
Prime Minister Theresa May said she disagreed with Trump’s controversial decision to move the US embassy and said the UK had no intention to follow suit.
Britain was one among the 128 countries who voted in favor of a UN resolution condemning Trump’s decision.
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