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How Ohaneze facilitated the destruction of Igboland & why they were proscribed by IPOB


Ohaneze Ndigbo has left a destructive trail of blood, betrayal and sabotage of wider Igbo interest, to the extent that nobody in Nigeria has regard for the honour and dignity of a once proud race. Only those born with a deep sense of betrayal, Lagos-Abuja domiciled traitors and fellow collaborators will have respect for Ohaneze as presently constituted. To date we are yet to come across one person who can confidently point to one tangible achievement of Ohanaeze Ndigbo that benefited the entire people. The truth is, there is none. They work for their pockets and well-being of their children and relatives and nothing more.

Some of the sins of Ohanaeze Ndigbo are too numerous, heinous and abominable to place in the public domain. But for our purposes, we shall present a historic and contemporary overview of a string of mind blowing blunders and outstanding treachery by Ohaneze Ndigbo over the years, for the world to see and judge accordingly.

That IPOB was perversely tagged a terrorist group in the eyes of the laws of Nigeria, when Fulani terrorist herdsmen are free to roam and kill at will, is the exclusive making of Ohaneze Ndigbo and South East governors. Not many people are aware that Nnia Nwodo and Gov. Dave Umahi personally pleaded with Fulani caliphate to invade the east because Nnamdi Kanu refused to call off the boycott of Anambra governorship election in November 2017. Ohaneze Ndigbo and South East governors consider IPOB a threat to their livelihood and was determined to accept countless cold blooded executions of innocent IPOB members in order to prove to their Fulani masters they are good Nigerians.

For those in doubt as to the true motive behind the formation of Ohanaeze Ndigbo by the caliphate must bear in mind that Ohaneze has fought and have continued to fight anybody with the interest of the masses of the east at heart. Ohaneze, in keeping with the template drawn up by the caliphate, once fought Dr. Azikiwe into irrelevance. They reduced him from Zik of Africa to mere Owelle of Onitsha, even when Zik realised the errors of his ways during the war and wanted to industrialise the east in the Second Republic.

This same Ohaneze Ndigbo repeatedly conspired against Ojukwu and crowned his humiliation by denying him a seat on Abacha's constituent assembly. They corrupted Ralph Uwazuruike by pressuring him into accepting money in exchange for extinguishing the hope of Biafra. Today he's more interested in acquiring landed properties than pursuing the emancipation of Biafra.

Dr Dozie Ikedife it must be stated for record purposes is a dedicated Arewa servant. He was Ohaneze Ndigbo President General when Uwazuruike accepted money from the federal government to destroy the dreams of Biafra restoration. We must not forget that Uwazuruike was handed over to Dr. Ikedife to guide him out of his quest for Biafra. Today Uwazuruike is another corrupt spent force hosting his Hausa Fulani friends like Al Mustapha, Ango Abdullahi and Arewa Youths in his Owerri mansion on ways to build a better Nigeria.

The betrayal of Nnamdi Kanu and his family by Ohaneze Ndigbo is a well established pattern by this group of saboteurs, to kill any popularly accepted  leader dedicated to setting the masses free. The interest of Ohanaeze Ndigbo lies in destroying any body or group that dares challenge the hegemony of their masters the Fulani  caliphate. Nnamdi Kanu refused every mouth-watering offer to abandon Biafra agitation. He refused to succumb to their blackmail at Enugu Government House meeting with South East governors. When Nnamdi Kanu refused to accept money, oil wells and choice properties around the world in exchange for Biafra, he was marked for death.

They couldn't destroy Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB on their own because they know he is too popular with the masses and they South East governors alongside Ohaneze Ndigbo lack the clout to move against him. Instead they turned to their caliphate masters to send in their battle group of the Nigerian Army to kill him in his home.

IPOB Intelligence intercepted correspondence between Nnia Nwodo and Commander of 82 Army Division Enugu pleading with him  to launch a military attack against Nnamdi Kanu’s compound. Conversations between Gov. Dave Umahi and Lawal Daura the former SSS (DSS) Director General also confirm that all South East governors were in support of the assassination of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

In Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu's press statements in the aftermath of the deadly invasion of Isiama Afaraukwu and massacre of IPOB family members, it will be observed that he justified the killing of Nnamdi Kanu by repeatedly saying that what happened to Kanu and his parents prevented the death of millions of Igbo people living in the north. He also alluded to this in his BBC Igbo interview on the matter.

The agenda of Ohanaeze Ndigbo from inception is to stop the re-emergence of Biafra or the emancipation of the people of the east. Some older people will remember the antics of prominent Ohaneze Ndigbo chieftains like one Chief MN Ugochukwu of Ugo Foam & Ugo Motors fame, the Abilikete of Umunze in Aguata. He held series of Ohaneze Ndigbo meetings on behalf of Arewa caliphate to dutifully subvert Igbo collective interest.

How about Eze Onuegwu Nwoke from Owerri, who will board Arthur Eze's Triax Airline to see Abacha in Abuja to literally bow down before him as their god. The act of mortgaging Igbo interest at the altar of self advancement is as old as Ohaneze Ndigbo, it didn't start today. 

There was another popular Ohaneze Ndigbo chieftain, Igwe Emeka Nnaji of Amagunze popularly known as Ankoto, a saboteur during the war. He was a prime mover and prominent member of Ohanaeze Ndigbo. He boldly granted regular interviews to NTA, stating openly that Ohaneze Ndigbo is loyal to Sanni Abacha. A whole race loyal to one Arewa oppressor.

This same Ohaneze Ndigbo saw to it that Ojukwu was not elected to the  constituent assembly because of their hatred for Biafra. They did not want the issue of Biafra or self determination to be raised.

Ohaneze Ndigbo sabotaged Dr. Chuba Okadigbo out of senate presidency. Anybody in doubt should ask Chief Joe Nwaorgu, the immediate past secretary of Ohanaeze.

All the extra judicial killings of unarmed IPOB agitators by the Fulani dominated Nigerian Army was aided and abated by Ohaneze Ndigbo and South East governors. Operation Python Dance is the brain child of Ohaneze Ndigbo and South East governors because of their selfish desire to destroy IPOB to please their northern masters.

Nnia Nwodo made Ndigbo a laughing stock the day he knelt down in his bedroom in his Ukehe country home to plead with Bola Ahmed Tinubu to give him the ACN ticket to contest Enugu State gubernatorial election during the burial of his wife.

Historic crimes and injustices against Igbo speaking people of Biafra were never addressed by Ohaneze Ndigbo. For instance in 1939 some Anioma communities in present day Delta and Edo states were carved out of the core Igbo heartland despite protests from Anioma kings then to the British colonial authorities. Ohaneze has done nothing ever since.
Parts of Ezza community of present Ebonyi state was carved into Benue State and instead of Dave Umahi and Ohaneze Ndigbo to fight for the reintegration of these people into the wider Igbo speaking community, they chose instead to preside over an ever shrinking Igbo land mass because they lack the courage, unlike Nnamdi Kanu, to confront the caliphate on these issues.

In 1976, oil rich Obigbo LGA in Aba division of old Imo state was ceded to Rivers state. Obigbo is Ndoki clan and has over 50 oil wells, they are pure Igbo people separated from their Azummili kins by the Imo river. Ohaneze did nothing to reverse this or fully integrate the people into the wider Igbo family.

Another criminal impotence of Ohaneze Ndigbo can be found in yet another caliphate gerrymandering when Ohugbu, an oil rich Ndoki community was ceded to Akwa Ibom state. Ohugbu is one of the highest onshore gas and oil producing areas.

Egbema community a core Igbo community was balkanized into three towns with the highest oil producing town ceded to River State from old Imo State. Today we have the same Egbema people in Delta, Rivers and Imo, all answering Igbo names and speaking Igbo language but some are South South/Niger Delta whereas the other is South East/Igbo. What an abomination!

Ndoni was carved out of Ahoda and given to Rivers state. Ndoni and Ogbaru are same people. Ogbaru is in Anambra with some of their kinsmen in Delta State. The myth that Igbo people are landlocked is the making of Ohanaeze Ndigbo under instructions from the caliphate masters.

We know these oil producing areas of Igbo land was the highest oil producing areas pre 1966 and that Hausa/Fulani led military government balkanised and partitioned our land in order to render Igbo land insignificant in the oil producing equation of Nigeria.

The envious Hausa/Fulani caliphate  government, backed up by the ill fated British concocted Willinks Report, acted contemptuously- aided and abated by Ohaneze Ndigbo, in other to gain control of the oil fields in Igbo towns and villages. They started sharing our oil wells to themselves hence, today they have dominating control of our land and resources.

Ohaneze Ndigbo and PANDEF may be content with picking crumbs off the Fulani table, IPOB will never demean the God given pride of the east nor condescend to such lows.

Under the treacherous watch of successive Ohaneze Ndigbo administrations, Ala-Igbo was restricted to five landlocked states when in actual fact Igboland started in Igbanke in Edo State and ends in the Atlantic Ocean. There is nobody from Opobo Rivers State that doesn't speak Igbo language.

Ohanaeze Ndigbo allowed Arewa caliphate propaganda to destroy the cultural affinity between Ndi-Igbo, Ibibio and Annang people of Akwa Ibom State who are blood relatives of Igbo people. Ekpe and Okonko, the two highest male fraternities in most parts of Igboland are actually Efik and Annang cultures. But today Cross River and Akwa Ibom is part of the lugburiously named South South with Edo State inclusive. There is no cultural, linguistic or social connection between Efiks and Bini people but we are deceived into thinking they are one people different from the Igbo.

These are some of the unpardinable crimes of Ohanaeze Ndigbo and reason why they remain proscribed. Anybody, who for monetary gains or whatever materialistic considerations, stand in defence of Ohaneze Ndigbo will go down with them. Ohaneze Ndigbo have outlived their usefulness.


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