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Oh thy wicked soul, I weep for you - Man knows thyself


By Ikenna Ozulumba Mbaegbu

For IPOB Writers

Date: 18.08.2018

Whence shall thou open thine eyes
To clearly see
That the path unto which
Thou have chosen
To walk
Is a pathway to hell?

As I watch, how hard you struggle
To hinder the struggle
To rescue you
From this Monstrosity
Called Nigeria,
Unto which you are trapped,
I weep.

Yes, I weep for you
For thou are so ignorant
So, so, and so ignorant
Of the root of your predicament.

I weep for thy souls
As you collaborate with those
Whose only missions
Are to destroy your own race,
Are thou not a disgrace?

Having been offered some peanuts
You have joined forces
To hunt your own people.
It's Incredible,
And I weep for you!

You, you, yes you
Sons and daughters of perdition,
You know thyselves.
Thou art so foolhardy,
And too blind to even see
The evil,
Thou have planned for others
Shall consume thee.
Therefore, I weep for you.

I weep for you
Because your land,
Where your umbilical chord
Was buried
Has rejected you.

As I critically,
Examine all of your stupidity,
Your inconsistency,
And your unruly actions
Towards Nnamdi Kanu,
Whom God has sent to deliver you
From the bondage of slavery
Unto thee
feel I sorry,
And weep deeply!

Just like a wild fire,
Their wrongdoings burn down
People's good will and desire.
Humans without conscience
Whose presence
Depict danger and evil.
Their attitude,
Towards their people
Have never been civil.
I weep for them.

You, agents of demons,
You too well know thyselves!
Such a waste of human egg!
I weep for you,
As you continue
To reject your liberation.

Whence shall thou realize
That Biafra is the only justification
You have
To exist as humans on this earth?
To stop its coming,
So hard you fight,
So eager to bite
The fingers that feed you.
Tufia! I weep for you!

Woe unto you,
I mean you,
You, and you,
Who sold his birthright
To grow fat
From the suffering,
And from the yelling
Of your people
I weep for you!

And like a flash of light,
It had hit me,
And once again,
I was made to see
Those sad memories,
Those sad memories of the past,
The sufferings,
And killings of our people,
And they were so awful!
So, so disgusting,
That I had begun to ponder over it,
And the more I had thought of it,
The more I wept!

As I was still deeply buried
In this ocean of my thoughts,
I had wondered
What had happened to humanity,
I had wondered
What had happened to morality,
I had wondered
Why this age they call science,
Lacked conscience.
And to me,
Nothing no longer made sense.
So I wept!

Hear me now as I repeat this,
You workers of iniquity,
Who feed fat from people's suffering,
Hear me,
You sons and daughters of Lucifer
From the pit of hell,
This unto thee have I to tell,
Only in Biafra restoration
Shall thou findeth thy redemption.

I repeat, only in her coming,
Shall the black race
Ever will be free
From the White supremacy.
Only in her coming,
Shall we live to WEEP NO MORE.

Edited & Published by IPOB WRITERS PRESS
Contact: ipobwriters@ipob.org
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