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IPOB Protesting 

With great humility, honour, and pleasure, I greet you all, great men and women, Honorable men and women of world leaders' class. May God continue to strengthen you more with higher grace and wisdom, to continue to tow the path of Peace, justice and equity delivery to humanity.

My letter to you is a great cry of help from one of your indigenous families under your care from the Eastern part of Nigeria called IPOB or Biafrans in general. Having identified you as our fathers and mothers by the virtue of your positions in the world leadership roles, we the indigenous people of Biafra are towing the path of natural law relationship between Parents and children to air our plights as a family.

Honorable men and women of world leaders, we the indigenous people of Biafra are calling you to urgently come to our aid on the inhumanity-to-man treatment we have been receiving, and more severely now, from the hands of the Nigerian government. 

Great men and women of the world, it is pertinent to know that Intimidation, arrest, kidnapping, raping, killings, maiming, massacre, pogroms and ethnic cleansing are now cultures in the Nigerian state against the Christian (Biafrans). Animals like cows and their owners are now senior and first-class citizens of Nigeria whilst the Biafrans are now second-class citizens in the same country. We are now being slaughtered and butchered secretly and openly like chickens and goats on daily basis with no atom of remorse. All these actions are being perpetrated by the Nigerian government through its police, military and Fulani militias.

I want to bring to your notice that the open civil war of 1967-1970 has not stopped as it assumed, rather, other methods. And this time around more deadly than before because Nigeria government has lobbied virtually all local and international media to block the right or truthful information of what is happening in Nigeria, due to her total determination to wipe out the Biafran race now. Therefore, the world is obscure about the first-hand information concerning our sufferings. Most times on an attempt to report it they get it twisted completely, example BBC news. But I thank God for Amnesty international, they are really trying in showing transparent news.

The hatred the Nigerian government has on Christians or Biafrans across the Nigerian state is unimaginable now. Spilling our blood on the roads, farms, churches, marketplaces, our houses and equally making policies that lead to destroying our properties, businesses, and farmlands is now their sworn oath. 

To mention but a few: 9th  February 2016 was the day IPOB members praying at Ngwa High school Aba Abia State Nigeria were massacred. 

29th & 30th May 2016, IPOB members celebrating their Heroes Day at Anambra State were massacred. Also, IPOB members on evangelism were massacred on 30th August 2015 in the same Nkpor, Anambra state. 

2nd December 2015 was the day IPOB members were massacred at Onitsha head bridge in Anambra State. 

On January 18th & 20th, 2017 IPOB members on evangelism in Aba, Abia State, were massacred. 

On 20th January 2017, IPOB members celebrating the victory of President Donald Trump of United States in Port Harcourt, Rivers state were massacred. 

On 14th September 2017, was the massacre at Abia State which took even our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his parents away under the guise of operation Python Dance 2. 

Others include Benue massacres by Fulani herdsmen, Delta state massacres by Fulani herdsmen, Enugu state massacres by Fulani herdsmen and many more across the country.

As mentioned above, they brought us an evil military exercise called Operation Python dance of which we are still nursing our wounds from that tragic events. That evil exercise took nothing less than five thousand (5000) scores of Biafrans including whisking away our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his parents, Royal Highness Eze Israel Okwu KANU and his wife till date, on 14th September 2017. 

During the said exercise, Biafrans were shot to pieces in broad daylights on the streets and in the nights their homes were invaded with so many killed and others were taken away to unknown destinations to be slaughtered. 

Presently, we are discovering mass graves where many abducted people were slaughtered and buried and so many tied up and shot dead in the bushes. The gravity of these heinous crimes and the current Fulani militias massacre doesn't allow us to sleep with our two eyes closed again.

To crown it all, Nigeria government through its military has announced another military exercise called Python dance 3, which has raised some dangerous tensions in Biafra land now. But the question every truthful person should be asking is, "is there any violence going on in the Eastern part of Nigeria (Biafra land) now?" The undiluted Truth is capital NO. Then why no such operations at Sambisa forest, Gombe, etc where there is an insurgency? We know that their aim is to come and kill us again and disrupt our referendum exercise we are asking and planning for, which is an international human right recognized globally which the Nigerian state is a signatory to as a member of UN. As it stands now, Biafrans are now fade up with peaceful protest since their lives and their human rights are not respected not acknowledged. The Nigerian government has always capitalized on their peacefulness to intimidate, arrest, imprison, kidnap, rap, kill, maim, massacre and butcher them like animals.

Currently, on 17th of August, 2018 our mothers were arrested, beaten black and blue, detained, starved, incarcerated, just because they protested, asking for the unconditional release of our leader and his parents whom the Nigerian government through its military took away on 14th September 2017 during their operation Python Dance 2. 

Majority of these women are aged mothers ranging from the 60s, 50, 40, and some youngest mothers among them between the age of 35 and 26. Some are nursing mothers while some are equally pregnant women,  a very wicked act, indeed.

From the look of heavy tension now on the Biafra Land, Biafrans may not fold their hands to be massacred again by the Nigerian military in this forthcoming (proposed) Operations Python dance 3. 

The chances of activating their self-defense are 95% high now. And I believe you know what caused that - built up anger of many years now. If left to happen, it will be an unkind catastrophe in the history of mankind in this part of the world, indeed.

 Therefore, I am calling on the world leaders and powers, the USA, Israel, UN, RUSSIA, GERMANY, NORTH KOREA, JAPAN, CHINA, FRANCE, BRITAIN ETC, and men and women of good will to come urgently to our aid by calling the Nigerian government to Order - to stop its next agenda of pogroms called operations Python dance 3 against Biafrans. And give us referendum date to determine our fate in the Nigerian state. 

Please, use your good office to compel the Nigerian government to give us a referendum date which will be supervised by the UN. That's the only naked-truth ground where peace can reign now. Help us to avert this heavy war that is halfway to the ground now. We don't need this war, we are peaceful people but we are seeing it is the only option the Nigerian state has Left for us now because they have sworn to wipe us out with their armored tanks via their military men. Even if we are paying for our sins, I think we have paid enough from 1967 to date. We have shed and sacrificed enough of our blood for more than 50 years now. Remember the mockery of us equally mocks general human right laws of life existence. We deserve and desire to live and be treated like human beings at least for once with Peace in our now land. Save us from this total damnation, please.

With great trust, honors and gratitude in advance, my people (Biafrans) are eagerly waiting for your urgent interventions over this issue. A million thanks and God bless you all.

Onyekachi M Ogbonnia
Edited & Published by IPOB WRITERS PRESS Contact: ipobwriters@ipob.org Twitter: @ipob_writers



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