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Biafra: Emma Powerful Blasts Zionists Leader for derogatory comments

IPOB does not respond to touts. There's an Igbo adage that says that not every rain that falls deserve to have its water collected. Biafra restoration is not about publicity stunts or making outlandishly ridiculous childish statements to the media to attract attention.

It is an indictment of character of desperation in some individuals that they feel compelled to meddle in issues that are clearly above their station. IPOB is the largest mass movement in the world, we don't respond to every passing rant from desperate individuals without any following. We recognise the appeal commenting about IPOB related matters may have on any attention seeking individual in order to raise their profile for whatever self-serving motive they wish to accomplish.

There are bound to be in every society, shameless self-publicists that will say or do anything to make them feel noticed. It is actually a state of mental disorder. Such individuals are opportunistic, fake and lacking in self-confidence.

IPOB is a transparent organisation rooted in the fanatical ideology of Biafra restoration via referendum as preached by our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. IPOB is not for restructuring and can never be. Our civil disobedience approach will continue until Biafra is restored. Agents of Nigerian security agencies, hiding under the cloak of pro-Biafra group or groups are too impetuous, ignorant and naive to understand what is happening between IPOB and Ohaneze Ndigbo. At the end of the dialogue between us, Ohaneze Ndigbo will either live up to its obligations of a rigorous defence of Igbo Biafra interest or be rendered impotent and irrelevant. Those are the two choices confronting them.


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