Nigeria: Muslims Murder Over 6,000 Christians This Year — “mostly Children, Women And The Aged”

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5th July,2018


The global “human rights community” will take little, if any, notice. It is too busy hunting for incidents of “Islamophobia.”
“Christianity CRACKDOWN: Crisis in Nigeria as THOUSANDS killed in ‘pure GENOCIDE,'” by Joey Millar, Express, June 30, 2018 (thanks to the Geller Report):
THOUSANDS of men, women and children have been killed in Nigeria in what the country’s Christian community are condemning as “ethnic cleansing”.
Last weekend 238 Christians were killed in a number of attacks by militia in Plateau State, a region in the heart of the country.
Campaigners are warning it is just the latest example of “pure genocide” in a country ravaged by religious division.
A joint statement issued by the Christian Association of Nigeria said more than 6,000 Christian worshipers – “mostly children, women and the aged” – had already been killed this year.
They said: “There is no doubt that the sole purpose of these attacks is aimed at ethnic cleansing, land grabbing and forceful ejection of the Christian natives from their ancestral land and heritage.
“What is happening in Plateau state and other select states in Nigeria is pure genocide and must be stopped immediately.”
They said those responsible were being allowed to “go Scot free” and said the Nigerian government was wrongly trying to paint the attacks as “farmers/herdsmen clashes”.
The statement said: “How can it be a clash when one group is persistently attacking, killing, maiming, destroying and the other group is persistently being killed, maimed and their places of worship destroyed?
“How can it be a clash when the herdsmen are hunting farmers in their own villages/communities and farmers are running for their lives?”…


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