Herdsmen Attacks: How security chiefs Allowed Increased Attacks On Nigerians – @BukolaSaraki1

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3rd July,2018


President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki has berated Security Chiefs over the lack of coordination in the face of killings across the country.

Speaking in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital, the Senate President said while the security architecture in the country has “failed”, some of the security officials overseeing security in the country do not talk to one another.

Lamenting the persistent crisis, Saraki said the issue was “not something to be politicised” because it affects all Nigerians.
He said, “If somebody is not capable and cannot do what he has to do, let others have the opportunity to do it.
“We have had situations where security officials have told us there is poor coordination. One, A is not talking to B, B is not talking to A. They don’t attend meetings jointly and things need to be done.

“There is no society that continues to see the kind of killings here and think that it should be business as usual. It requires drastic action, it requires a collaboration of all agencies and all arms of government for us to be serious.”
Saraki recalled that the National Assembly had called for a security summit where “we had addressed the issue of security architecture” and also resolved to invite the security chiefs.
“You are all very aware that some service chiefs decided in their own wisdom that there is no need for them to work with the national assembly to address these issues.
“Let us forget the issue of party, these are lives of people. Let’s remove politics. It is not about who is the speaker of the house, who is the president of the senate. It is about Nigeria.”



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