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A Biafran dismantles false Ojuwku claim during the war over a failed deal that could save the East

Man claims 3 million Biafrans would have lived if Ojukwu had accepted to give the Russians some millions of Barrel of Crude oil during the war.

Now, Crude oil and human life which is more important?

Victor Wilberforce is a critical thinker and a social engineer

Dear Victor Wilberforce, your above attempt at historical revisionism is simply false. It reeks of intellectual subterfuge and emotional blackmail.

What you displayed above is a pathetic attempt at character assassination. I wonder why you insist on making such outlandish statements without embarking on proper research. Meanwhile, could you please stop making this claim of you being a critical thinker and social Engineer? It's Laughable.

Furthermore, the above claim you made of the Russians offering General Ojukwu an Oil for arms during the civil war is totally false. I will merely refer to it as a figment of your Shaky imagination. Nothing of such took place.

Throughout my research on the Civil War, I've never come across any mention of a deal of such prominence. Such a sensational offer can't escape all the history books Can it?

To the best of my knowledge, the only country that offered Ojukwu such a deal were the French. That offer was made through Charles De Gaulle favourite undercover agent and schemer in Chief Jacques Foccart. Let me take you through events that I know you are obviously not aware of.
Known in intelligent circles as the "White sorcerer", Foccart was a ruthless intelligence officer who protected French interests in Africa until his death in 1997, aged 83. He was also a man who loved operating behind the scenes hence the reason his name doesn't ring a bell with many people. However, that doesn't negate the role he played during the War.

It was Monsieur Foccart who met Ojukwu via 3rd parties, mostly his lieutenants masquerading as journalists. He offered to assist Ojukwu to win the War and if he succeeds, that Biafra will become the newest jewel in francophone Africa. This means that Biafra will have to adopt the French CFA as their currency, French companies will get the first refusal on any government project and of course French Oil company Elf Aquitaine will have unfettered access to Biafra Oils and gas till they have recouped their wartime investment. The duration for the recoupment of investment was placed at 50yrs from the end of the War.

Colonel Ojukwu refused all these offers on the grounds that it is exploitative. He argued that he wasn't going to liberate Biafrans from the greedy grasps of Britain and Hausa-Fulani, only to hand them over to another slave master.

Nevertheless, Monsieur Foccart supported Biafra war efforts behind the scenes. Because he personally believed in the sincerity of the struggle. In a letter he wrote to General De Gaulle, quoted by French author Pierre Pean, Foccart referred to Ojukwu as "A well educated, articulate, revolutionary who really wants the best for his people. I can't reason with him. But he is honest." ( Pierre Péan. L'Homme de l'Ombre (Man of the Shadows) (1990)

Foccart and his longtime friend Félix Houphouët-Boigny, tried to persuade General De Gaulle to openly back Biafra but De Gaulle refused because he was privately afraid to see the rise of a black power like Biafra. Foccart was livid with his boss and in a feisty conversation with his boss told him that failing to recognise Biafra was a mistake. Ojukwu refused to sign the Oil for arms deal and De Gaulle withheld French official backing. Felix Houphouët-Boigny on his part will recognise Biafra on behalf of Ivory Coast. He also persuaded Omar Bongo of Gabon to Recognise Biafra. Both Ivory Coast and Gabon would play great roles in rendering aid for Biafra.

Another thing that made the De Gaulle withdraw French support was a deal brokered between Shell and Elf Aquitaine to Grant them a significant part of the Nigerian Oil held offshore. That field is today being drilled by French company TOTAL Oil. This deal personally irritated Foccart but at the end of the day for him, it was French interests first.

Monsieur Foccart will also be there to help Count Von Rosen acquire planes that will be used by the Biafran Air Force (AKA The Biafran babies). Most spare parts that flew into Biafra was done with the aid and sophistication of this man Jacques Foccart. He even got Portugal to officially recognise Biafra.
Dear Victor I will advise you to read the book I quoted above. Go to YouTube and watch a documentary titled "The secret of the Seven Sisters." it's a three-part documentary that explores how oil companies sponsor violence I'm Africa. Jacques Foccart's contribution in Biafra is mentioned in part two of that documentary. Read also 'Poisoned well' by Nicholas Shaxson. That way you will get a proper understanding of events and the context In which they transpired.

Russian contribution during the war did not exceed The supply of Ilyushin jets and the training of Egyptian pilots to man them. The Royal Air Force planes were too complicated for the Nigerian soldiers hence Egyptian Abdel Nasser came up with the Russian option. Russia will recoup their wartime investment by winning the contract for the Ajaokuta Steel complex. A huge white elephant that was just an avenue to settle Russia for their wartime efforts.

Finally, Victor, I will not ask you to quit this campaign of calumny against the legacy of Colonel Ojukwu. Any day you sacrifice your father's Wealth for the liberation of Ndi Igbo I will take you seriously. Opportunity beckons for you as Miyyeti Allah is seeking to encroach into Igbo land via Enugwu. Until then, go and read up and quit this emotional blackmail that I feel you're undertaking to sow confusion. Best regards.

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