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The PVC is a symbol of injustice and ticket to an early grave

The acronym "PVC" means Permanent Voters Card . It is an ID that qualifies Nigerian citizens to vote in an election who he or she wants or seems qualified to occupy any government elective positions. The PVC are also used for bank services and other important services within Nigerian territory. This card called PVC according to Nigerian electoral commission act, is not transferable nor sellable. The major aim of introducing PVC for elections is to reduce or minimize electoral fraud with the aim of conducting manageable, acceptable and credible elections in the contraption called Nigeria.

Since the introduction of this Permanent Voters Card (PVC) the story of electoral fraud in Nigeria has tremendously increased as the quest for power by all means by politicians has also increased and it is being aided by this PVC because it is buyable by these desperate politicians from hungry masses, thereby defeating the very aim of its introduction.

The governance system in Nigeria encourages and creates avenues for crimes to be committed by  Nigerians especially the ruling class, politicians and sadly the PVC that was introduced to help set up a standard and discipline, still is useless. Nigerian structure paves way for grudges, tribalism, corruption, killings and looting during elections. With these factors, no scientific research can be of any help to stopping the continued endless corruption during Nigerian elections as everyone feels cheated and can only be consoled with a position in government whether he or she is qualified or not qualified.

In 1970 the civil war which claimed the lives of over 5million Biafrans partially ended. These Biafrans were brutally killed by Nigerian soldiers led by Yakubu Gowon. And since then, there has not been any Nigerian politician that has commanded or won the majority of citizens votes without bribing the voters, using thugs to snatch ballot boxes, intimidation, tribal sentiment, political god fatherism, killings etc.

Nigeria is a country with three major heterogeneous nations, that has no common values at all and cannot compromise each other. These always reflect during Nigerian elections between Yoruba, Hausa and Biafrans. And during elections, instead of considering merits, ones abilities to govern,  qualifications, health wise etc, they considers ones ethnicity,  religion and tribalism plays a major role, which has been one of the major reasons Nigeria is backwards and will remain backwards.

It is worthy to note that in Nigeria no matter how you are qualified, it does not guarantee you any job, because the people in power will put their own people to occupy every office whether qualified or not qualified and this is to enable them retain the government of the country.

The campaign for PVC by the Nigerian politicians, their stooges, and paid agents are not for the good of the suffering masses but simply for their (politicians) self gains which they derives from being in a position of authority.

It is important for us to learn from history; looking at gains and loses we have had as result of wasting our time, energy and money going out to vote our choices, which unfortunately, at the end never counted or counts. Only those who counts the votes, determines who wins and not our votes. For example, one year to any election year in Nigeria, the winners and losers are already known because money speaks volumes than the so called PVC; good example is this Ekiti State s(election) that was just done 2 weeks ago.

The PVC is a symbol of injustices and a demotion of justice by the enthronement of exchange of money with PVC.
Nigeria as a country returned to democracy in the year1999 with the hope of seeking international support who campaigned for its return to democracy after Shehu Shagari was overthrown by this same present president of Nigeria General Muhammadu Buhari. Today it is not surprising that Nigerian politicians instead of canvassing for votes, are canvassing for PVC because it is buyable. There are lots of collapsed  roads, non functional hospitals, dilapidated school buildings, lack of houses, non functional security and social amenities necessary for human existence, yet the monies meant for these projects are diverted into private use and nobody questions them for accountability. This is because these individuals in power were not elected by the people since they did not need their votes to be enthroned, because in Nigeria your votes don't count.

As these roads are neglect and abandoned, it leads to accidents which causes untimely deaths. As they neglect the hospitals, people are dying anyhow everyday, while their families enjoys hospitals abroad . As they refused to provide good drinking water, the citizens drink diseases just to survive. As they neglect providing power supply, businesses dies, and cannot grow, leading to untold hardships. So, your going out on the day of election to vote is to cement your early grave. That PVC in your hands, apart from bank businesses and for office Identification  it is your ticket to bondage and slavery as long as you remain a Nigerian


Author: Solomon  Iwejuo
Edited by Her Excellency Oluchi Christy
For: Family Writers Press.


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