Poetic Justice: Sorrows Of War In Biafra 

Written By Onyebuchi Eucharia 

Date : 17th June,18


The war bell rang loudly

Like an evening horn

Every head went hiding

For the cry of gunshot

To save nose to

Breathe tomorrow

The heads of

Thirty thousand men

Waited not, for more harms

Left body to paint the floor

With red liquid;
Embarked on a Journey

To the east, from north

In a speedy lorry rolled

Side by side
And sang and danced

A  dance with the ghost

In ancestral land

The hit of the song

And the red costume

Charged the falling rain

And it turned bloody.
It vexed the sun

And it set quickly;
It frowned the moon
And it hid behind the cloud;
It shocked the breeze

And it ceased at once

The aged received heads

Instead of hug

The children enjoyed tears

Instead of bread;
And the babes enjoyed blood
Instead of milk

The anger of the heart

Never slept nor smiled

That the mouth

Cried for freedom

The lips sparked

And kissed the blade

The hands ran to the gun

For a hug

The feet went for

Jungle match in the field

Fought to stop

The cobweb that wrapped

The race ever since

The identity was stolen

The book of history

Broke into tears to reveal

The mayhem
of wolves In human form

That all came and devoured

The people and drenched

The land with blood

The blood of the slain,
The skeletal image

Of the starved children,

The voices of the slaughtered

Thousands chorused
Sorrowfully in the war pot,
Still, make mournful Music in the heart

Of the people.

Fair, fair and fair,
Could this be a dance of fairness?

Could this be a hug of brothers?

Or extermination of a race?

The mouth is aware

And runs faster than breath

To speak lies and deceit;
The pretty mouth

Behind the mask

Not familiar with the mind

And the memory

To recall an act

Yes an act, still an act

The act, still in the book

The book, still tells stories

Of the past

And the past, still reveals

To the present

And the present still

Protects the future

And the future still needs
To be free from slavery

Of wolves that still

Slaughter and sodden
The land with blood

The coat of slavery

Is torn and worn out.
The land warns,
'Curse no more the people!
And suck not their blood!
Unless to set ablaze
The rotten eggs in the cage,
Now that the lips run

Day and night calling

Freedom! freedom!
Yes, support the freedom

Of the people for

Your name to be

Called tomorrow,
Speak to liberate
the people;
To be
known as a hero,
Walk in line with

The multitude

To shout freedom

And freedom shall

Follow all

In the land of Biafra!
Biafra, the Land of the rising sun

All hail Biafra!!!



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