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‘Go home, CNN sucks!’ White House correspondent booed & berated at Trump rally (VIDEO)

It was a rough day for CNN’s White House correspondent Jim Acosta, who was heckled by an angry crowd at a Trump rally. People, including one infuriated lady, chanted “CNN sucks!” and told the reporter to “go home.”
The heated encounter occurred as Republican supporters gathered on Monday night at Airport High School in West Columbia, South Carolina, where US President Donald Trump held a campaign rally for Governor Henry McMaster, who is running in the state primary. CNN sent White House correspondent Jim Acosta to cover the massive GOP rally.
Acosta, who has challenged Trump on numerous occasions in the past, was waiting for the president’s arrival in the press area. All of a sudden, members of the crowd showed up holding signs that read “CNN fake news.” As their wrath grew, they began chanting “Go home, Jim!”
At one stage, a woman approached Acosta and told him what she really thinks of corporate media. Shouting “take him out!” she waved her hands in his direction and urged the other attendees to heckle the CNN reporter.
“I have every right to be here,” Acosta is heard telling the woman in a video posted by an AP correspondent.
The woman, who Fox News identified as Maria Rojas, further attacked Acosta, accusing him of disrespecting the country. “I do respect the United States, yes I do,” Acosta said.
The reporter later said on CNN that “while we have had some people come up to us and be very nice this evening, I did have an elderly woman come up to me... and said that we at CNN should get the f*** out of this auditorium.”
The anti-MSM crowd continued to make Acosta’s day miserable when he appeared live on the air during the rally, and a man is seen in the background holding a sign that says “CNN sucks.”


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