Monday 25 June 2018

Biafra: Shame on Christendom: Who marched for Biafrans at the slaughter house?

Written By: Alex C. Okeke
For: IPOB Writers Press

The news has been going viral everywhere of the march by all Muslim Nations Worldwide, in solidarity with the people of Palestine, over Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish state of Israel.

Several Muslim  nations across the globe have done their parts in the move of registering their displeasure of President Trump's official recognition, which now ends the decades long contest over the rightful owner of the now Jewish state's capital. Whether or not the recognition was right does not seem in anyway, to bother these Muslim Nations. What concerns them mostly is that as long as their brothers in Palestine are not comfortable, it also makes the entire Muslim faithfuls uncomfortable.

That several Biblical injunctions clearly give the right of ownership of the Jewish state's Capital to Israel, does not bother these Muslim Nations. Muslims are pained when their fellow faithfuls are hurt, whether as a result of their own fault or as a result of violation or intimidation by their adversaries. Muslims Worldwide are Unified under same umbrella, under any circumstances they deem inimical to the  sustained success of the global Islamic campaign.

Whilst the Turkish government(Being Islamic Nation), has remained in the Vanguard of global diplomatic movement, to bring to an end the suffering of the Myanmar Muslim faithfuls, a people whom have been reported to be under Genocide, the entire Christian Nations across the Globe, either were directly involved in the killing of Biafrans, their fellow faithfuls, or they have been supportive of the unjust treatment which the Islamic government of Nigeria in collaboration with the evil British government, have continued to unleash upon Biafrans without qualms.

This brings me in mind the questions of, where the MISSIONARIES who taught us to be Christians have all disappeared into. How are the mighty fallen? How comes the well known Christian nations have all not only deserted their fellow faithfuls, but have all gone the ridiculous length of joining in the globally sustained conspiracy to annihilate the rest of Biafrans from the surface of the Cosmos Earth? Was Christianity a kind of conspiracy against peace loving Biafrans at the first place?

What evil have we Biafrans done our fellow Christian nations? Where has the spirit of oneness, which the great apostle Paul, clearly advocated for in the Holy Bible gone? Why have we turned the real adversaries of our own brothers? Is being a Christian a kind of crime but which we Biafrans are unaware of? Where have we transacted morality? Why does the life of a BIAFRAN mean less a priority than that of a fellow human? Where is the Papacy at the heat of all these anti-christian carnage against Christian Biafrans? With whom have the Vatican pitched tents? What about the Canterbury in England? Where and why have you sold your consciousness? What about your conscience?

How comes at the advent of Christianity in Biafraland, you failed to tell us that Christianity had an expiry date? Why have you shown your back at us and our supposedly collective enemies  chosen as  your best allies?  Where did we fail you? Is it by accepting Christianity or something else unknown? What is your gain in the pain of peace loving Christian Biafrans? Why have you so deliberately joined in the orchestration of the series of plights and mayhem that BIAFRAN Christians have gone through?

When shall a strong voice arise from the Christian World and see to the overall protection of Christians and Christianity Worldwide? What shall happen before the World rises to her responsibility of protection of humans? Why is any Christian nation yet to arise in the United Nations general Assembly to set the motion running for the protection of BIAFRAN Christian indigenous population? Why have Christian Nations become the greatest haters of Christians and Christianity Worldwide? Should we await a re-definition of Christianity before we say No? That a largely Christian population is at the brink of extinction does not bother 'Christendom' is and remains a call for worry!

A Christian Nation must rise up to the challenge and tell the World to her face, that she has lost it entirely, in the protection of humanity from violent and criminal dictatorship! 

Biafrans are an endangered specie of indigenous population, dominant in the formerly old Eastern region of Nigeria, but presently in the areas known as the southeast and south-southern lower parts of Nigeria! The story of the war of genocide we passed through, from 1967-70, is replete with evidences of large involvement of supposedly Christian Nations, who forged alliance with the Muslim North and ensured the successful prosecution of the avoidable genocide!

The former USSR, the US, The UK and many other Christian Nations, played huge and major roles in the successful prosecution of genocide against peace loving Biafrans. Are we up for another round of genocide, to be prosecuted by Christian Nations? Even the Christian Nations, who became dead silent in the heat of that genocide, are complicit by silence, because silence in the heat of evil is evil itself. 

I am not in any way charging the Christian Nations, who by active participation or default, joined the rest of Muslim World like Egypt, Morocco, and the entire Arab league to implement the horrific genocidal war of 1967-70, to start showing remorse to surviving Biafrans through verbal begging,  but show their repentance by actively and openly calling for a global support for Biafrans in the course of the current liberation movement through referendum, and working closely with BIAFRAN Nationalists and activists, towards the full implementation of same, and finally, the absolute restoration of the state of Biafra.

The unprovoked  pains, which Biafrans have gone through in the course of liberation and through various unnecessary conspiracies, of course stretching from 1945, 1952, 1953, 1962, 1964, 1966, 1967-70, 1990-91, 2000-1, 2002, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2011(As ordered by Sitting President of Nigeria, Muhammadu  Buhari, after he lost the general elections to Goodluck Jonathan) the various killings of Biafrans from 2015( Nkpor killing of unarmed pro-Biafran state agitators); 2016(killing of unarmed IPOB  pro-Trump presidential inauguration supporters in Portharcourt, 2017 and till date, can only be compensated through a concerted effort by the entire Christian World, that ensures an absolute restoration of the interrupted sovereignty of the state of Biafra.

This and only this can give unending strength to Biafrand, to once again feel like humans in this cosmos Earth.

Make haste o! Children of God Most High and set your brothers free from bondage!  Let that spirit of oneness spring up freely and saturate our entire being once again.

Alex is a weeping writer from the slaughter land of Biafra! Make haste o! Christian Nations and help us Now!


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