Biafra: My Reaction To The Almighty COALITION Mantra; Propellers, Frontiers, And Promoters Of Biafra

Written By Aham Gecentgrace 

For IPOB Writers

Date: 19/06/2018 


Recently, news of some groups coming together to forge a coalition in pursuance of  Biafra's freedom cropped up on the internet and is really diffusing with different erroneous conclusions, hence the prompt to tender my perspective on the development.

First, I want to start by stating that IPOB is somebody's conception and labor, with agglomeration and conglomeration of people's efforts. It is an organization and therefore, has rules and regulations; commands and controls, which obviously made it what it is today - a worldwide movement which is envied by many opportunists.

Secondly, I wish to state that nobody forces anyone to join IPOB, and IPOB does not expel anyone without a grievous cause. The least it does is suspending erring members waiting cheerfully to restore them when they truly retract and repent in obedience. It is a reprimanding and punitive measure of maintaining sanity and checking uncalled excesses in the movement.

Thirdly, I wish to let you know that expulsion of members comes in when it's established incontrovertibly that one with questionable trait is dangerous to the lives of his/her members & detrimental to the struggle should he/she continue to fellowship in the family meetings hence infecting others with such bad trait is possibly eventual which would sure ground the movement to a halt if allowed.

Let me remind those criticizing IPOB's leadership or the movement that no matter what, no system is 100% efficient. In a machine, about 30%  is used to overcome a frictional force, and IPOB or any organization is like a machine, including you and I. The 30% is the weaknesses we suffer due to human imperfections.

Now, if one is not satisfied with its modus operandi, they should by means of practical examples in leading roles, form a movement of theirs or go ahead with their almighty coalition without IPOB and perfect a system which IPOB is unable to attain. By so doing, undoubtedly people of good conscience and result oriented consciousness will decamp IPOB for theirs.

It makes no meaning for one to accuse IPOB of inefficiency while several opportunities abound for him or her to do the needful by setting the agenda and lead the roll

IPOB, I see, has modus operandi that does not augur well with the coalition propellers, frontiers & promoters. The difference is a chasm. So, can two work together if they don't agree?. It is obvious, Ave of identical plumela agglomerated

For me and millions of Biafrans out there, IPOB is doing well and should not be distracted with COALITION mantra as machinated by few individualistic opportunists who want to reap where they never sowed and afloat themselves and their obscure agenda on the springboard of IPOB

IPOB in the absence of Nnamdi Kanu has a roadmap which it is maturely operating accordingly. Gradually, it is unfolding its agenda & reconciling people within the fold, which can be seen evidently in the Int'l Biafra Genocide Exhibition and town hall meeting presently going on in North America.

IPOB is a coalition of her own within the fold. Don't prompt, stop advocating and never expect external workable coalition with IPOB and other groups of few and opportunists



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