Written By Chika Fidelis

For IPOB writers

Date :02/06/2018


 The result of the psychiatric test conducted on the governor of Ebonyi State on the 30th of May 2018 has been released and the summary of the result is that this governor by the name David Nwaeze Umahi is now a confirmed madman. He is suffering from chronic madness, the type that cannot be cured. This mental illness obviously was the reason this man has urinated on the graves of the fallen heroes of Biafra who were remembered honorably on 30th May 2018 and as such has desecrated the already consecrated graves of our dead heroes. He is, therefore, exposed to the full wrath and of the anger of the dead and that of CHUKWU OKIKE ABIAMA, this man deserves to die.

 On Tuesday 29th May 2018 this man manifested negativity when he announced that anyone in Ebonyi State who dared to sit-at-home in observance of IPOB orders would be severely sanctioned. The announcement was the main reason he was made to undergo some psychiatric examinations on Wednesday 30th May and behold this man tested positive when he sent his security agents as well as civilian thugs to clamp down on the people he said closed their shops in honor of the Biafran fallen heroes.

A reliable source within the State Security Service confirmed that David Umahi has directed his security agents and some other hired thugs to clamp down on the traders in Abakaliki main market and those in Kpirikpiri axis just because they joined in the sit at home order of yesterday. A big shame to you David Umahi.

I do not need to waste so much time in talking about the stupidity of this governor, by this singular act he has proven that he is the most stupid of all the stupid governors of the Eastern Region called Biafra.

Permit me to X-ray the moronic tendencies of this useless governor of Ebonyi State, who claims to be an Igbo man but has clearly proven that he is a bastard, a product of rape and probably a son of Fulani. There is a very clear indication that this idiot must have been a seed of a Fulani rapist, if his mother is still alive, she should be made to say the truth and you would be surprised to hear that a Fulani man actually raped this woman and the result of this is that a useless idiot was born in Ebonyi State with an evil destiny of sabotaging the restoration effort of the people of Biafra. Tell me why God should not blot out this animal and his family from this planet Earth. All the evil acts of this man can never be forgotten. It was this man that allowed the same Fulani herdsmen to freely come into Ebonyi State when every other state said no to Fulani inclusion, he did that not minding the danger that awaits his people, he was only interested in his political ambition, trying to appease the murderous Fulani president called Muhammadu Buhari. But what was the reward for this his sycophancy, the reward was a gruesome murder of the people of Ebonyi State by these Fulani herdsmen that he brought in? David Umahi brought in the Fulani herdsmen to massacre the Ebonyi people and this is on record.

This Fulani slave boy in a bid to also impress his masters,  commanded the people of Ebonyi State to ignore the sit at home order as issued by IPOB  but the people have grown beyond such deceit and the people also know that this man is not truly an Igbo man but an imposter who is working for the Hausa-Fulanis, and as such there was a total Compliance with the sit-at-home order.

David Umahi failed totally in this regard and this brought a huge shame and disgrace to him. He didn't learn any lesson from that but he still went ahead to go against the innocent People of Ebonyi for observing the sit-at-home order, he is doing all these just to please the useless Fulanis, baboons in the corridors of power.

The most annoying part is that the Biafra sit-at-home order was hugely observed in all the Biafra provinces but none of the governors clamped down on the people of Biafra except this idiot, so he definitely has urinated on the graves of our fallen heroes and cannot be allowed to go free.

I am glad to hear Annkio Brigg's comments on the actions of this man, she really dealt a big blow to him although to such persons there is no shame in their eyes.

I am at this point asking the entire people of Ebonyi State to remain resolute and never allow this enemy to deceive anyone. The victory we are talking about is in sight and in no distant time we shall be in our fatherland, the land of the rising sun. God bless the people of Biafra.


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