Written By  Alex.C.Okeke  

For IPOBWritters 

Date :08/05/2018


 It is a global norm for any race or nation of people with knowledge of their history to come together and distinguish a day to honor their people who departed this cosmo at some strategic points in their history. It is in most cases a retrospective moment that calls for sober reflection among the people. People discuss how far they have emerged so far as a people from all the crucibles they have gone through in the course of time.  Nations across the World all have a special day for remembering their people lost at various times in history. Why shall ours be a subject of debate? We lost people so dear to us through the most unfortunate circumstances in our history! Through unprovoked Wars that began from massacre and culminated in genocide against our innocent people!

Our various families got their own share of regrettable lost of dear brothers, sisters, uncles, and kins to that horrific incident that emerged from undue conspiracies! We were killed for simply saying that the unchecked chronicles of killings perpetrated against us be stopped! Hatred without provocation! The perpetrators in unison with their crony - the British - unleashed genocide of unprecedented proportion against our people as the World watched without coming to our rescue!

He who is hated can not hate himself! That we are victims of unprecedented conspiracy and envy does not suggest we should hate our own people nor ourselves likewise! The World was mute while we died! But we have the candlelight to make remembrance of our dead people! we have the mantle to tell our story! the massacre of 1966 is part of the reason why we mourn, the genocidal war of 1967-70, is part of the reason why we mourn! The continuum of cold-war against our race till date is part of why we mourn! The conspiracy and massacre at Nimbo, the massacres at Nkpor, the massacres at Igweocha(Port-Harcourt), the massacres of 1945, 1952, 1962, 1964, 2000, 2001, 2010, and the invasion of the country home of the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, are why we mourn!

If anyone suggests we should not mourn our dead, that person should tell us what we should do instead! Maybe go to war? of course deservingly, but not yet! What we chose instead of going to war with our killers, in the course of giving appeasement to our dead on the 30th of May is stay indoors and mourn them, giving thanks to the Almighty -  maker of the Universe and ultimate warrior - for preserving our lives from that horror of the massacre and attendant genocide! Knowing abundantly well that we are all survivors of the global conspiracy for ethnic cleansing on our own very soil!

Heroes' day remains a global ritual! People who oppose Biafra Heroes' day can only be talking from their vapid and vacuous point of view! Biafrans who died in the various massacres in the hands of the Hausa-Fulani cum British conspirators are same humans with the people remembered in Israel on the anniversary, same with those remembered in the United States of America and other parts of the World! History was hidden in Nigeria so that people would not be told the realities of their very existence! Marcus Garvey says "Those who have no knowledge of their history are like a Tree without root" we acknowledge the fact that the genocidal crime against our people has come as one of the realities of our existence! We can only appease our dead by distinguishing a special day for honoring them from our very busy schedules. It is a way of saying a thank you to the death for the sacrifices that caused them their precious lives!

We cannot be cowed into accepting any sentiment that intends to deride us of our right to do so! We are Biafrans, not Nigerians. We have a genuine and a unique history that we must respect and hold in highest esteem! Like our resolve to restore the sovereign states of Biafra, our resolve to honor our dead remains sacrosanct! We have a culture for referring heroes both in life and at dead! Our resolve is organic and genuine! Our values are intertwined with our ideas. BIAFRA Heroes' Remembrance Day is a day for sober reflection among all genuine Biafrans World over! It calls for discussion of our general and collective plights and joys in the existing structure called Nigeria and memory lane on how our race suffered! Those who oppose our remembrance day are the villains who are hurt seeing us remonstrate our knowledge of their crimes against us.
Our detractors are uneasy because our cries are genuine. There was No valid reason for the War! It was uncalled for! The villains of that very acrimony have no choice but accept the pains they feel seeing us discuss the genocide they prosecuted without reason as a vicissitude! It was not a fight to save humanity but a conspiracy to exterminate the life which no human can create. We have accepted that we are victims of a global conspiracy. We must move on to take our place in history. Biafrans are humans and reserved the right to life and assembly.

I hereby, call upon all Biafrans World over, especially those in all parts of Biafraland viz; Igbo, Igbanke, Izon, Ibibio, Calabaris, Annangs, Ikwerres, Aniomas, Igedes, Idomas, Igalas, Isobos, to give utmost priority to this very day and sit indoors. Those who honor their dead shall have a decent society where humans are valued till death. We value human life over anything known to man. We do not destroy that which we cannot make nor give.

I enjoin all Biafrans to begin to adjust their schedules to ensure that they give due compliance to the 30th of May sit-at-home order as ordered by our parent body, the Directorate of the indigenous people of Biafra Worldwide. It is our right as a people to choose our customs and how to go about exercising same. Biafra freedom and our Heroes' day are eternally synonymous and as such inseparably intertwined.

Remember to #sit-at-home on the 30th of May!

Alex is a BIAFRAN of the Pan-African school of thought! #Free-Biafra and watch the shackles of bondage on Africa disbanded!  In Biafra Africa died!


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