Written By Alex C. Okeke

For IPOB Writers 

Date :23/05/2018

 The entire environs of Oko were heavily alive on the 17th of May, 2018, following the arrival of Biafrans and sympathizers from all walks of life to the Ifite-Oko venue of the burial of the remains of the Biafran Media legend(Chimaobim Okafor, aka waka waka Biafra). Everywhere in the relatively calm community came alive as the motorcade and procession of Biafrans escorting the remains of Waka-waka Biafra approached!

Chants of pro-Biafran victory songs rented the air spuriously and resoundingly with vigor as the accompanying mammoth crowd of Biafrans advanced further! It was a great awakening of the nerves for Biafrans who had gone cold hitherto to the arriving massive crowd because of the presence of the intimidating members of the Nigerian security operatives of identifiably combined team of The MOBILE Policemen and men of the Special Anti-robbery Squad(SARS), who made their way into the venue uninvited and amazingly as there was not an iota of provocation emanating from the venue of the burial.

The jobless men of the Nigerian security team who had stationed their teams at various strategic positions of the road leading to the burial venue of Waka-waka Biafra soon disappeared on seeing the massive crowd of fearless and resolute Biafrans whom without an initial threat continued to match on and instead of being intimidated by the double magazine wielding men of the Nigerian security operatives, the men of the Nigerian security operatives ended up the victims of their planned intimidation as resoluteness could be seen written in the foreheads and eyes of the advancing Biafra contingents to the venue of the day's funeral rite to Ada Biafra.

I need to digress a little to alert the world of the sustained spree of intimidation by men of the Nigerian security operatives till date, despite series of warnings from members of the EU and the United States President, Mr. Donald Trump.

People from all adult age brackets matched in their numbers to that very venue to register their acknowledgment of the legendary feats of Waka-waka Biafra. Representatives and groups from various pro-Biafran organizations were not left out in the burial. Principal actors in the current Biafran Movement were also not left out. The venue compound of the deceased was beforehand decorated and set for the day's business proper. Lots of canopies, chairs, and various designs and colors combinations of decorating materials were also carefully combined to suit the occasion of the day. Canopies were properly arranged in their lines, with various tags, indicating specifically for whom and which organized members of the contingents the spaces were made for.

There were spaces for members of the immediate family of Waka-waka Biafra, there were tags indicative of spaces and canopies for participating Biafrans from Enugu, Delta, Abia, Calabar,  IMO, Ebonyi, and other provinces of Biafra, which in itself also conclusively passes the conclusiveness of Biafrans from all parts of Biafra land over the Biafra question. A good number of Musical live band crews were also there to keep the atmosphere alive at the venue. Various pro-Biafran victory songs were also parts of the songs played by these crew members. The Biafran super-star, Don-Prince aka Sample, was at the funeral venue to perform live and he did his best in pursuant and according to the time allotted his program during the funeral rites.

Members of various Biafra media teams from all across Biafra and beyond were also dutifully participatory. Some had to go live on various platforms such as BTV; various Pro-Biafran platforms, such as Facebook pages, groups, and individual Facebook pages, to the delight of millions of Biafrans at any such platforms, who could not make it live to the venue of the funeral rites for one cogent reason or the other. From my vantage point of view of the ongoing strength of character here among various media departments personnel, present at the venue of the burial, and some of whom followed right from the mortuary, I am left to infer that the spirit of investigative journalism has truly overtaken Biafran media personnel, and shall be a great achievement to Biafra when finally restored.

The venue was full of verve and readiness for duty as no Biafran on duty was found delivering. Everyone was busy doing one thing or the other.
It is truly awesome to be a hardworking Biafran.
The response of Biafrans to the call to honour Chimaobim Okafor, aka Waka-waka Biafra goes to buttress the singular fact that Biafrans are remembered both in life and at death, so long as resoluteness and quick response  to duty, remain the guiding lights to any Biafran that works assiduously for the restoration of the Kingdom of Biafra.

Waka-waka Biafra has indeed come and gone but her memories remain tall in the minds of all Biafrans praying and working vehemently for the finality of this great Project to restore Biafra. She paid the price that we all may live.

I, therefore, enjoin all Biafrans to rise up to the challenge and put in their various Best to make sure we all jointly restore the kingdom of Biafra here on Earth.


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