Written By CK Fidelis

For IPOB Writers.

Date: 20/05/2018


 It is quite unfortunate that despite the warnings by the Indigenous People of Biafra for Nnia Nwodo and his group of betrayers to desist from holding any summit on restructuring in any part of BIAFRA land,  this shameless evil man and his group of vampires have decided to go ahead with the summit.

They had earlier planned the summit to hold in Enugu but because of the pressure from the indigenes of Enugu province, they got driven away from there, and the venue was changed to hold in Awka on the 21st of May 2018.

We the indigenous people of Biafra insist that no such summit should be organized in any part of Biafra land because restructuring of this evil country is never the collective aspiration of the people of BIAFRA.

The people of BIAFRA have wholly decided that they are not going to continue with this evil marriage with Nigeria. They have also declared a total vote of no confidence in John Nnia Nwodo and his cohorts. Every indigenous person in Biafra has endorsed the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who has proven to be so reliable, dependable and trustworthy. The people of Biafra having suffered so much in the hands of betrayers like Nnia Nwodo have come to see a new leader in the person of Ohamadike BIAFRA, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, and this very reality does not go down well with Nnia Nwodo and all others from Biafra land whose job for a long time has been to feed on the blood of the Indigenous People of Biafra by constantly hiding the feelings of the people for the peanuts they collect from the government as a reward for betraying their people.

There is something that bothers me most and that is the question of legitimacy and I keep asking this question "where does Nnia Nwodo's legitimacy as a leader of the Igbo people come from and whose mandate is he using to lead the Igbos?". It is very obvious that when a man makes himself a king among the people who totally do not want him, that man is not recognized and as such lacks legitimacy. Again if actually, this man called Nnia Nwodo is representing the people of Igbo land, why is it difficult for him to recognize and respect the collective will of the people? Why is he bent on imposing the will of the Nothern leaders on the people of Biafra? The reason is quite obvious -  that is the fact that he has been hired by the Northern leaders to sabotage the genuine effort of a restoration of Biafra. The federal government constantly funds him and his cohorts like Clifford Iroanya, Uchenna Asiegbu, Emma Nmezu ( all of the Radio Buhari International - RBI) to ensure that the quest for Biafra restoration is killed, what a shameful assignment! God forbid that I would be used by the enemy to destroy my own people! It is better than that day never breaks.

The next question that is of pertinent importance is the question of who and who in Igbo land would attend this so-called summit. I am quite optimistic that every sane person in Igbo land knows very well that the Igbos do not want to restructure and as such will not have anything to do with any elder who joins Nnia Nwodo in this job of treachery and betrayal of Biafrans' quest for freedom again. We are going to take note of who did whatever or simply put, any elder seen at that summit would have everything to regret in his life. We know the betrayers and the traitors and those are the only ones we expect to see in that evil gathering because they are already condemned.

Is it not shameful that Nnia Nwodo has been going from house to house to get some of the respected elders of Igbo land convinced to come and join Him in this shameful summit? But we are watching to see who will join him. It is so funny how somebody who claims to be the mouthpiece of the people cannot stand before the people he claims to be leading without being heavily protected by the zoo(Nigerian) army. A right-thinking person would immediately know that he is working for the government; he is working for the Northern leaders; he is working for the enemies of Biafra.

I will at this point advise all well-meaning people of Biafra and the men of integrity in Igbo land to avoid getting involved in the so-called summit holding in Awka on the 21st of May 2018. A word is indeed enough for the wise.



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