Sunday 15 April 2018 

Biafra: Why Loathsome Binta Nyako Must Be Ignored By All Biafrans

Justice Binta Nyako And Mazi Nnamdi Kanu 

"I am tired of hearing your voices"-Binta Nyako to IPOB counsels

AUTHOR: Alex C. Okeke
FOR:IPOB Writers Press

In what seemed like an easing of burden by the Justice Binta Nyako of the federal high court of Nigeria sitting in Abuja the federal capital territory of Nigeria, during the hearing of the court proceedings on bail application on behalf of Mazi Benjamin Madubugwu, Mazi David Nwawuisi, Mazi Chidiebere Onwudiwe and Mazi Bright Chimezie, the Biafra activists, Justice Binta Nyako exclaimed "I am tired of hearing your voices", while she addressed IPOB's defense counsel, Barr. Igwe on the course of defense during proceedings.

While some journalists from some quarters found this little exclamation and hate speech disgusting and unexpected, I am contrarily unperturbed and unshaken! Binta Nyako is Fulani for God's sake, a kin to the illiterate president of Nigeria(Muhammad Buhari), her siblings are often on rampage killing people across the length and breath of Nigeria and across other parts of West Africa with impunity!

Binta Nyako has yet to make any statement nor is there any traceable to her in which she made any condemnation of the Fulani conspiracy and unprovoked massacre across Nigeria! Blood cannot lie! A snake does not give birth to anything short! Binta Nyako, like her kins, does not place any value or premium on the human life! The universal sanctity of human life is very much  an aberration to the culture and tradition of the very vindictive, sadistic, criminal, denigrate and low-life and Bavarian vampires and morons known as Fulanis

Justice Binta Nyako 

Like the rest of Fulanis, the savages and zombies of twenty-first century, Binta Nyako should not be condemned for saying the obvious about how disgusting the voices of fellow humans are to her ears! Fulanis in all testament hate to hear the voices of humans and this is more reason why the observing World, the UN, the EU, the AU and ECOWAS must rise to the occasion and help save humans (Great Biafrans) from the rest of this bloodthirsty Vampires so-called Fulanis and Binta Nyako.

I also wonder why people would keep wondering at her utterances in the Abuja court, precisely at the court four (4) chambers during proceedings, knowing fully well that Binta Nyako can only come into the legal discipline, through the Fulani enthroned and abused quota-system! Which law school would have granted a denigrate of her calibre with legal certificate to practice?? Like Buhari, the illiterate president of Nigeria, who upon ascension into office as the President of Nigeria on demand presented NEPA Bills as his school certificate!

I strongly believe that much revelations would be made to the amazement of all and sundry if Binta Nyako is requested to present her certificate of practice for proper scrutiny! We have seen too much of dramatic scenes in Nigeria, especially under the current Fulani dictatorship of Muhammadu Buhari, that we should quit losing sleep when mere utterances are dished out, no matter how badly we feel of the hate speeches! Do we chose the current trend of killing by Fulani over hate speeches? I believe the 'NO' shall have the majority!

I believe this should serve as more warnings to the rest of complacent international organizations, responsible for the protection of the rights of endangered human population Worldwide. Like Buhari and any other Fulani and Binta Nyako, we Biafrans are hated with unprovoked but deep animosity by all the Fulanis!

I stand to be corrected, and as an ardent observer of the history of Fulani genocide and ethnic cleansing in Nigeria on this my observation. HAS ANY CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY OF FULANIS EVER CONDEMNED THE RAMPAGING FULANIS ANYWHERE IN NIGERIA????

Even as you ponder on the question above, remember that nothing can quit any people of their organic ways of life!

To justice Binta Nyako, remember that we have no business with you except that you do the needful, which is let Biafrans  go!!!!
Our resolve for freedom is not a treasonable offence!
Freedom for Biafra is a must that can never be thwarted by your conspiracy!


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