Sunday 22 April 2018 

Biafra: My Open Letter To Okechukwu Isiguzoro Of Ohanaeze Youth Council[Part2]

Note: Before You Enthrone Your Grandmasters, Listen!

AUTHOR: Alex C. Okeke
FOR: IPOB Writers

In the words of the great philosopher, Napoleon Hill, "The best way to sell yourself to others is  first, to sell the others to yourself"
Socrates the great teacher also went in same manner to reveal thus, "The way to gain a good reputation is to be what you desire to appear"
Obafemi Awolowo, despite all his woes also has some message for all: "Power is a thing held in trust, to treat it otherwise is fraud"!

In my first Epistle to this rejoinder, I admonished your haste at both selecting and installing a replacement to the ejected erstwhile President general of Ohanaeze Ndi-Igbo Mother body, Mazi John Nnia Nwodo, the fifth columnist. I pointed out reasons why it was important that due process is visited in the ceding and enthronement of another generalisimo so that we do not get a despotic sellout worse than the one ejected.

I pointed out reasons why we must allow for due consultation from the general population of great Ndi-Igbo so that any incomer would stand where the people stand at all times irrespective of personal convictions. In the words of Epicurus, he admonished saying, "Freedom is the right to live as we wish"! All the contents of my first Epistle were treated with utter contempt as you went ahead to do the biddings of god knows who and your gestapo election without an input from the larger Igbo population.

By implications of the growing nonchalant dispositions of your infamous youth council and the parent body for years now as against the real ideology behind the formation of the 'Ohanaeze NDI-IGBO' general assembly by our reputed constitutional lawyer, Prof. Ben Nwabueze, you have so far no understanding of the Igboid phrase 'OHANAEZE NDI-IGBO' OHANAEZE cannot be complete without the people as captured in the phrase 'OHANAEZE'.

The IGBO population has reputation for existing in a naturally established society where superior logic and opinion guarantees general acceptability of anybody's stance on any matter of social importance.  We have existed from time immemorial in a free society, with no centralized form of leadership. It gives room for equality to every member of the society to air opinions with no form of threat or intimidation, giving birth to the very famous mantra of 'Igbo enwe-eze'

Our Republican nature gives us edge over other cultures, where an individual no matter how poorly informed presides over the affairs of a better informed population of their immediate cultural society. OHANAEZE by all definitions does not function to please the political dispositions of any selected few members of the Igbo political class! It is a body that exists to balance the gap between the people and the polity as it affects and benefits our cultural heritage.

As much as it is agreeable that every civilization works to appropriate all existing norms and values, I need you to understand here and now that the civilization in this context must only function to the direction of extolling our very articulated customs, norms and values. Any civilization contrary to this shall be acknowledged by all of us as an assault on our heritage as great Ndi-Igbo.

The continued incursions on our traditions, norms, values and ancient ideas that form the bedrock of our foundational society and egalitarian proclivities , by the OHANAEZE institution and the principal actors therein, have continued to breed another version of  norms and values, erasing our genuine cultural principles of equality and appearing very counterproductive to expected goals. It is also a thing of grave concern to all well meaning people of shared consanguinity across the length and breath of Alaigbo and Old Eastern region as a whole.

The institution today acknowledged as OHANAEZE Ndi-Igbo has turned out by all indices and evidence to be the actual Achilles hill to our strive for genuine respect from other cultures across the length and breadth of the expired Nigeria and in the old Eastern region as is presently constituted, because of the growing desire and readiness of our people to sell their conscience on the altar of political correctness and greed to the ruling caliphate in Nigeria. While we all kept mute and watched, expecting an institutional and an attitudinal change from the gladiators and principal actors in the OHANAEZE, you turned OHANAEZE institution into a mercantile franchise, where any political party can willfully pay the principal actors and get a proclamation that appears to have an ethnic acceptance or colorations for endorsement.

We have suffered shame and contempt from all because of the institutional greed that hallmarks the OHANAEZE NDI-IGBO body. How can a few people make a king in IGBO part of Biafra?? We warned of the danger of installing anyone into the apex body until our decisions are captured but you treated same with utter contempt and rascal impunity!

How you want us to applaud your excision of Mazi John Nnia Nwodo from the rulership of the apex body for violating the principles of inclusive leadership while he held sway and you are already exhibiting same is one misconception too hard for us to grind! You must endeavor to live what you preach! It is a good virtue for you to eject the plank in your own eyes before you go ahead removing same from another's -hypocrisy has never been part of our norms and values!

I am putting it to you here that you have insulted the entire IGBO race by flagrantly imposing your opinion on all of us. He who carries home an ant-infested wood must be ready to welcome the lizards when they come!
You have done what no one with healthy sanity would do at a time like this in our history!
Whilst the larger Igbo population consistently clamors for a date for a United Nations-supervised Referendum, your gang of impostors are busy consolidating their allegiances to the caliphate of Fulani janjaweeds.

Whilst we are demanding the whereabouts of our own son, a royal prince of Afara-Ukwu, the icon of freedom in Africa and World at large, our learned freedom fighter, the Supreme leader of the indigenous people of Biafra Worldwide, Prince Dr Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, you and your octogenarian bandwagons are, shamelessly, already spoiling for campaigns to endorse Buhari or Atiku for impossible 2019 elections!

Is it not better for you all to resign from manning that failed institution, seeing that you all only constitute nuisance and sabotage on the collective resolve of the larger GREAT IGBO POPULATION??

What is the essence of leadership when the social contract of protecting  populist opinion is defeated??
Marthin Luther King jnr says and I quote "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter"
Margin Luther went on to say, "A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus". Why it is difficult for you and your paymasters to seek consensus from the people is as confusing as why Monday to Friday is five (5)days but from Friday to Monday being only three days!

In summary, tell all those party to your rush in the gestapo installation that of replacement to Mazi John Nnia Nwodo without due consultation from the people to think twice because any opposition to the establishment of the sovereignty of the Republic of Biafra must be destroyed with No mercy!

Remember that our stance on the ban on all summit that discusses restructuring across Biafraland at the expense of our resolve for Referendum stands without any middle ground.

Remember that a man who cannot die for something is not fit to live!
We have recorded your flagrant disrespect in the annals of time for men who sabotage against their own people. Withdraw your rush now or face us in bigger arena.
A stitch in time saves nine!

From a concerned Igbo-Biafran!


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