Date :14/03/2018


This medium is to draw the attention of the Christian clergies all over the South East and South- South Geo-political zone in Nigeria, to the present trend of Islamization of the two regions by the Hausa/Fulani- led government of APC. Going by the activities of the Fulani herdsmen (Boko Haram), one needs no magician to tell of the Islamization agenda to bring the entire region to total submission to Muslim worship.  

The above assertion is clearly indicated in the manifesto of the APC northern government agenda, which Muhammadu Buhari as an instrument to drive and achieve this northern aims has put up a political anomaly that favours the North, which is evident as the present major federal political posts in Nigeria today-  presidency, the police, the army, the navy, to mention but few are held by the northerners. This is the execution of the northern agenda - ignoring true federalism.
 The above control of powers and corruption is what the Biafrans experience every day, especially in the hands of killer Boko Haram disguised as Fulani Herdsmen that fluttered every forest, street of the two regions, killing, raping and molesting the people, aware of no measure to stop or punish them by the Nigerian government, whose action only, is a statement that "an attack on Fulani herdsmen is an attack on the Nigeria government of the north". 
To protect the same interest, the government passed into law, to establish grazing reserve in each state across the federation to promote national unity. But is killing and raping people in their houses, markets, and farmlands all about one Nigeria and promotion of national unity? The grazing reserves that are supposed to be a private affair now have become a national one. And the government is passing the law for its establishment in each state. Again, if the government has the interest of Nigeria unity at heart, why hasn't the same government brought to law, the herdsmen that kill and rape their fellow Nigerians, instead of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), who committed no crime in exercising their legitimate right to self determination through peaceful protests? 
The indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) for a very long time now has suffered, faced different assaults, killings, prosecutions in hands of the Nigerian armed forces. Yet, you clergies remain mute to the injustice against the innocent. 

Today, the right to worship of Christians is no more guaranteed because of the Hausa/ Fulani government disguised as Fulani herdsmen that swim in the blood of Christians on a daily basis. These Christians are the same church members that contribute to the development of churches, through tithes and offertories.
However, the level at which the Hausa/Fulani Boko Haram government penetrates our soil, converting our people by force to Muslims, is not something to sit back and watch. It might interest you to know that Eboni state today records the highest number of converted Christians to the Muslim faith. This is a serious matter that needs an urgent attention by all Christian clergies, else the entire region will be converted to Muslim faith including you the clergies who should be ambassadors of Christ. Of course, it calls for actions which you must be part of. 
 Support the indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) and her leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu for the move to liberate the people in the hands of the dreaded Muslim rulers. This you must do, by disregarding the lies from the Nigeria media and what some politicians think of Biafra struggle, as the activities of some elements looking for political, economic and international recognition because this is a high religious war in disguise, which Biafra is the only way to be victorious. 
The embattled leader of the indigenous people of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu long ago had prophesied about the herdsmen invasion of the regions,  in one of his broadcasts in Radio Biafra before his incarceration by the same government. The activist foretold that the Hausa/Fulani would come, kill, rape our mothers, wives, daughters and take over the land in the name of one Nigeria, which is exactly what is happening. This is to say that all the activist prophesied has come to pass remaining the very last one which is Biafra and it will be a thing of shame to know that the clergies who should be just, did nothing to stand against injustice or to support the restoration of God’s kingdom on earth (Biafra), where Christians will worship God in truth and peace without fear of extermination. 

I, therefore, urge all the clergies concerned to support this move for Biafra restoration especially now that the Biafra referendum is fast approaching. Encourage and educate the church members to participate fully in the upcoming referendum, which will enable Biafra restoration for us all. 



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