Saturday 31 March 2018 

Biafra: As The Court Proceedings in the Case Between The Global Family Of Indigenous People Of Biafra And The Expired Nigeria Continue

AUTHOR: Alex C. Okeke
FOR: IPOB Writers

We have continued to watch with huge expectations and amazement at the depth of hypocrisy and irresponsibility of the global watchdog, on the rights of all indigenous people Worldwide. The department for the protection of all endangered human population Worldwide. How they have continued to watch Nigeria manage an issue that falls within her global jurisdiction with atrocious and viscious impunity. If I say a priori, that the Nigerian state and the global watchdog on the rights of all indigenous population have a thriving conspiracy to sustain their rascality on the Indigenous people of Biafra Worldwide, I might not have spoken out of bound, seeing the very obvious realities that suggest my inferences!

Why issues that pertain to human rights of a population as massive as Biafrans's have to be subjected to the present state of ridicule by Nigeria in the very expense of the civilized democracies World over, leaves any conscientious unit of homo-sapiens with many expectations to desire! Has the World vacated her onus on the protection of humanity or, are the proclamations a special reserve for the white populations alone?? As much as I am not a racist, and hate any idiosyncracies that promote same, I do not see any reason why the United Nations has to keep waiting till infinity before she wades in and invoke the universality of the doctrine of human rights to self-determination in this unduly prolonged jungle trial preferred by the government of Nigeria and her ostrich judiciary, over the continued rights abuses of the detained activists of Biafra freedom and the eventual freedom of Biafra from the current illegal political manipulation so-called Nigeria?

The debate from Biafrans, in the quest for the liberation of Biafra from an illegal political manipulation cum imposition, so-called Nigeria, has long defeated every possible intellectual defensibility! In other words, the case, for the restoration of the distorted or obstructed civilization in the Republic of Biafra, from Nigeria, is so indefensible and incontrovertible that no responsible global body, saddled with the responsibility to help Biafrans achieve her freedom, has the moral status quo to keep watching without living up to her statutory responsibility, to enforce the global law in Nigeria.

It has been court after court and unnecessary adjournment after the other! Has the World lost conscience? Did the United Nations make a law that she is incapable of enforcing or is there a deliberate conspiracy to severe the campaign for the restoration of Biafra from Nigeria?? Did the United Nations define this law out of her own context in jurisprudence?? Is picking up of Arms a pseudo criterion for the wading in of the global body into matters that pertain to her jurisdiction on freedom, especially as it pertains to Negroid interest??

A saying has it that "those who make peaceful separation impossible, make violent separation inevitable" what shall we do to please the United Nations and force her to enforce her global responsibility in the debate for the freedom of Biafra from Nigeria?? World conscience must be reawakened if humanity must escape this growing trend of viscious rights violation, in the hands of despots and governments that promote tyranny, genocide and War crime, against the very people she is meant to protect.  Nigeria has continued like in the 60's to enjoy the support of Britain and by implications of global silence, the entire World, as she has shown no regard in the skill of rights violation against Biafrans.

In the meantime, I must commend the European Union (EU) and a few other global body like the Amnesty International (AI), for their kind words and sympathies, which have so far, not received enough global recognition. I charge you to press on until we have a World that says No' to evil! For as long as we(Biafrans) are not yet free, more actions are required to spur a globally harmonized and concerted efforts to making our freedom a reality.

George Washington, the father of new America in his admonition at the freedom park, acknowledged that all humans are created equal! - and have equal rights by implication. I am yet to figure out any physiological attributes of great people of Biafra that contradict our membership of the "humanity" as used in the speech of George Washington!

We have been subjected to all manners of degrading mayhems and injustices by Nigeria and the World, through her culpability in 'aiding and abetting' our continued hostage in Nigeria  without superior reasons!



ALEX is writing with tears and expectations from the land of Biafra!


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