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Date:  6th Jan.2018

The leadership and family members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide wish to alert the General public and the entire humanity about the systematic plan by Chief Okezie Ikpeazu the Governor of Abia State  with Nigerian Army to harass and eliminate the peaceful citizens of Afaraukwu Ibeku Umuahia the home town of our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. The Governor of Abia state Chief Okezie Ikpeazu with the Nigerian Army have perfected plans to build two different Army mini Barracks near our leader’s compound in Afaraukwu Umuahia Abia State. This is on top of ongoing construction work to erect reinforced barriers to be manned by exclusively Fulani soldiers at two entrances of roads leading to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s compound. Those close to Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu must warn him in his own interest to desist from this evil act against the Kanu family.

The Nigeria government including Okezie Ikpeazu have repeatedly failed to tackle or stop the orchestrated killings and rape going on throughout the country by Fulani Herdsmen especially in Benue and Abia State,  neither has Okezie Ikpeazu done anything to settle the aggrieved women raped recently in Abia State who were protesting against the killing and destruction of their farms by Fulani Herdsmen. Instead he has chosen the cowardly path of doing his Northern masters’ bidding. People like Okezie Ikpeazu must know that the day of reckoning is coming and there will be no forgiveness for people like him. At the appointed time his Fulani protectors will let him down and his cries for mercy will fall on deaf ears.

Biafrans worldwide would not fail to hold Chief Okezie Ikpeazu and his cohorts accountable if the mini army barracks building around our leader’s compound becomes operational.

With what is going on at Afaraukwu Ibeku Umuahia right now near our leader’s compound, it is clear to all and sundry that Okezie Ikpeazu is the brain behind the unprovoked invasion of Kanu’s home by Nigerian soldiers. Okezie Ikpeazu with other South Eastern Governors including Nnia Nwodo of Ohaneze Ndigbo opened the door for Fulani led Nigerian Government with her security operatives to kill our people in hundreds last year. Vengeance belongs to the people, it’s not a matter of if but when. Let those that have ear hear.



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