Biafra: Congratulations Fellow Biafrans Worldwide For Our Year of Restoration Has Come.

Author:  Alex C. Okeke

IPOB Writers

Date: Jan.4th, 2018

To everything, there is a season of unavoidable manifestation. A time to sow and a time to reap, a time to born and a time to die, a time of joy and a time of sorrow, a time to work and a time for merriment, a time to plan and a time to execute a plan. A good thing has never truly manifested without stories of hard times. We have had our plans and truly followed duly until this time. Many nations of the World have stories of how they emerged from the Ashes. The story of the present state of Israel is a good lesson and should stand Aswel serve as a nice source of encouragement to any people striving for nationhood. 

Like Israel, we are surrounded by wolves and stories of humiliation against us never told the World in what is obviously a thing of massive conspiracy just to hold down the children of the highest God. Together we suffered the pains of the massacre and ethnic cleansing. We passed the time when the World looked the other way round. Hunger, strife, humiliation, gory, pains, infant death, diseases, and avoidable epidemic are few characteristics of the period. 

We emerged yet from that period and God has never stopped being faithful to us his chosen children. After all the executed conspiracy to exterminate us, God has never quit. We are today the envy of our very enemies, who stole all our wealth, plundered our markets, confiscated our money, broke our homes and used a sustained policy of deprivation against our any source of wealth. We count among the billionaires in the land yet after the glory of humiliation and confiscation of our wealthy.

Above all, realizing our incompatibility with the wolves called compatriots in a hell nicknamed Nigeria the zoo has remained yet another channel for a killing spree that saw us lose comrades and compatriots whose only offense was asking for their rights through the most legitimate and globally acknowledged approach. Our people were once again taken to the slaughter without any traceable provocation, many still in various prisons and detention centers in the very face of the Whole World.

Like I wrote in my introductory paragraph, our time of manifestation has come. We have well planned and well executed our plans to the glory of most high God, who has remained our anchor until this very moment. We shall have every reason to celebrate our freedom this year. The time which the year 2018 presents is truly for restoration. The time of Restoration is one of freedom from pain, slavery, hunger, plunderings, humiliation, destruction, exploitation and all vices.

To all the comrades who remained faithful until this very moment, we say thank you and never say quit for the banquet is almost begun. The sorrow only lasts for the night but joy cometh in the morning. The year herein birthed represents our year and morning of redemption and Restoration. For St Paul also says in the Bible "Let him who works eat". We are in the year of enough eating. Enough celebration and enough recognition.

For the brethren who took to the "Eve's apple in the previous year, The morning of this year opens a new opportunity for the apology for forgiveness and reunion. A time of the year for proper re-evaluation and comity.No sensible human chases after Rats whilst his home burns. Pride is not acceptable in the year of restoration. Come one come all for the greater reunion.

To all our friends and partners through this toil and quest, I say in loud voices(let us meet in the banquet hall of freedom celebration). We have seen your toil with us. To him that worketh shall a reward be given.

In conclusion, I say a happy new year of Restoration to all of us.

With love from BIAFRALAND.


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