Biafra: An Open Letter To Yerima Shettima, The President Of Arewa Consultative Forum And Northern Youths Coalition 

Author:  Alex C. Okeke 

 IPOB writers 

Date : 14/01/2018

Yerima Shettima

Dear Yerima Shettima,

It is with heavy heart and pain and pity that I write this letter to you and your so-called Northern youths coalitions. It is an established fact that you are the mouthpiece of the whole Northern youths, both the Arewa consultative forum and the entire coalitions. You gained your biggest national and global attention towards the ending of last year when you leveraged on the opportunity the campaign for the establishment of the Sovereign states of Biafra gave you.
You were never as popular as you became after the shenanigan of excision of GREAT NDI-IGBO and other GREAT Biafrans which you and your mediocre Northern youths championed gained national and mainstream attention. Yes, you rode on the popularity of the Holy son of Most High, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of all Biafrans Worldwide and gained mass attention. 
While we were busy campaigning for Biafra pursuant to highest global and conventional best practices, without killing anyone nor extorting from anyone under any guise or pretense, while we continued to gain global cognition for haven held the highest mass rally with no violence recorded, whilst Amnesty and other global organizations of repute called us "Irenic", whilst our awakening call continued to sink into our people and your people alike, whilst the cord of dis-unity falsibly instituted between our length and breath, with sustained campaign of division from your kins was speedily and amazingly breaking apart before your very eyes, with no percuniary inducements, whilst we told everyone by our action that we were determined for peaceful restoration of our darling Nation, whilst we were killed gruesomely by your kin in Aso-rock, the commander-in-chief and his errant Army boys, whose approach on anything that has to do with Christian South and Biafrans particularly remained barbarous and with no disregard for human dignity, You and your fellows, acting upon the advice of your so-called elders and sponsors-in-crime immediately conspired and desired to serve our people residing in your place a quit notice.
You and your fellow mediocre, criminals and chauvinists preferred forceful excision of our people from your place in the likely event that they refused leaving upon the expiration of your three months deadline. You openly boasted of inciting your overtly illiterate and stupid touts against our people, of course, to repeat what was forgotten during the gory massacre of 1966. As usual and as was expected, the federal government looked the other way even as you flagrantly boasted of resisting any attempted arrest by the DSS. Who does not know that in an animal farm that there are sacred cows? That Nigeria is a zoo today is as a result of aggregate grievances and misrules orchestrated from your feudal and uninformed North.
You also boasted of being superior to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in the circle of struggle and activism even when you can not point to any course or conventional campaign you ever championed since you gained preference of being insitu, even though there are glaring cases that are genuinely seeking whom to lay an open call and advocacy over. you never did.
You remain an opportunist who is constantly seeking avenues to leverage upon and act into the limelight.
With the speed you responded to the advice of your callous elders, one would expect that you will always speak whenever things went wrong in your abattoir called North. Northern Nigeria has remained for ages a slaughterhouse even before your very face. What have you done in the attempt to check the crimes against humanity over there?
My questions to you are in sharp multiplicity. Are you still the President of Arewa Youths consultative forum, or have you been changed or rejected?
Are you still the President of Northern Youths Coalitions that threatened hell and fire against all-peaceful Indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB)?
Are Fulanis not part of the North?
Are Benue people no longer part of your so-called Arewa  North and Nigeria at large?
Does the blood of Bull or cattle equate human blood???
When shall all northern youths coalitions convene an almighty emergency meeting over the menace of Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria??
Don't you think the activities of murderous Fulani militia is more threatening to the existence of your so-called Nigeria than abuse on your so-called Buhari?
When did you redraw the Northern map that carved away Benue and Taraba from your beloved North?
Are you part of the ongoing campaign to wipe out the remnants of Benue, Taraba, and middle-belt as a whole from the soil their ancestors gave to them?
Why have you never convened a singular Northern youths coalitions conference over the sustained Fulani barbarism in Plateau state, do they not bleed blood?
Where is your conscience all the while???
Habana! When shall your primitive Fulani militia be told by the northern youths to quit the killing or stand being excised from north and Nigeria the zoo entirely??
When did you ever advise the militia/terrorist Fulani to quit primitive adventure and use their own money to build ranches since their business earns them money??
Did you hear the recent abomination the Leader of the "Miyetti Allah Cattle rearers Association of Benue state vomited on live BBC broadcast??
Are you not ashamed of still continuing with that leadership?
What shall posterity judge you rite on? Remember, the children coming hereafter shall demand to know your role whilst all the atrocious mayhems held sway!
Are you truly human or beast?
Remember that you foolishly threatened to take the war to the doorstep of Hero Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and immediately accomplished same through the instrumentality of your terrorist, errant army busy-bodies.
When will you apply same threat to primitive and callous 4th terrorist group in the World, called Fulani militia fighters/terrorists?
Shame on you an accomplice to crime! When you should talk, you chose to remain mute! 
Your default remains consent until you act rightly!
It will be too shameful for any indigene of Benue to address you as a president!
The game is over for you and all your fellow deceivers. You have lost Benue, Taraba, and Middle-belt at large.
Your game is up!



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