Author :    CK Fidelis 

IPOB Writers

Date: 18/01/2018


It is now very obvious that it is payback time for that evil man called Yakubu Gowon. I won't be surprised if there would be people who do not know who this monster called Gowon is, this man for the avoidance of doubts was the one man that could be primarily held responsible for the brutal massacre of over 3 million innocent Biafrans between 1966 and 1970 during the 30 months festival of blood called the Nigerian civil war. Indeed it will not be profitable to remember this name because he is not good to remember in any way.  Although there were many evil men who participated in that failed attempt to wipe out the Biafrans, the likes of Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, Olusegun Obasanjo, Theophilus Danjuma, Muritala Muhammad and so many of them to say but a few of all these men Gowon is the most miserable and evil. 
The Fulanis believe that the South is their grand father's estate and the Middle Belt remains their willing tool, what this simply means is that the Fulani believe that they can do whatever thing they like to the people and resources from the  South East and that they would always use the Middle Belt people as their fighting force to keep on subduing the South East. This was exactly what happened as the Fulanis effectively used Gowon and his people against the Biafrans during the civil war and after the war, the people of middle Belt were jettisoned and forgotten completely. Today the Fulanis are now killing the kits and kins of the same Gowon they used as the war machine against the Biafrans. 
Before I continue I like to say that whatever calamity that is befalling the Middle Belt people is just the consequence of the evil things that Gowon committed in order to keep a fraudulent country together. It was the eventual settlement in Nigeria of the OGODOGODO people who were used as mercenaries by Gowon during the civil war that consolidated the influence of the Fulanis in Nigeria and today they now want to take the whole land by plotting to wipe out the real owners of the land and occupy it. The grazing route that the Miyetti Allah is is claiming to be their entitlement came to be by reason of the fact that it was a part of the terms agreed with Gowon as condition for assisting him in killing the Biafrans, he agreed to give them a grazing route across the country and that is the contract that the Miyetti Allah now wants to enforce.  The question here now is this, did Gowon believe that one day his decision to destroy the people of Biafra will turn around to be a decision to destroy his own people? The Fulanis are rampaging the entire middle Belt, killing and maiming innocent people and Gowon has not said anything, he is now deaf and dumb. 

I am not happy that innocent people are being killed in the Middle Belt but that this is happening as a result of the evil and wickedness of Gowon against the Biafrans in the past that has turned around to destroy his own people so it will be quite appropriate for the people of Benue, Taraba, Nasarawa and in fact the Middle Belt nation to hold General Yakubu Gowon responsible for whatever thing they are passing through today. When you make rain against your enemies it obviously falls on your friends. In my own opinion, God has punished Yakubu Gowon for the evil things he did against the Biafrans during the civil war. 



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