Wednesday 31 January 2018

Biafra: Justice In Nigeria Is Fast Becoming An "Illegality"

AUTHOR: Alex C. Okeke
FOR:  IPOB Writers

No day passes in Nigeria without the birthing of a bad news. If not about the killing of Biafrans by the state terror Arm(Army and police), it is by the Fulani terror Arm (Herdsmen or Buhari jihad militia Arm) or by the murderous Bokoharam terrorist groups. The killing has taken so much a traditional turn that the World no longer considers it imperative to send letters of commiseration in acknowledgement of any of the too many barbarous and unprovoked wholesale or mass murder.

Of course, once one is a state actor or affiliate of the principal actors, one can commit any crime with impunity. The justice system is decript of any sense of humanity. The judiciary has been reduced so ridiculously to a state of irrecoverable desecration. Quota system on the other hand has remained  vastly a deliberate lacuna for the promotion of mediocrity. Folks who are not qualified to practise law talk less becoming verdictors, leverage on the executive rain of abuse and innumerable impunity on the judicial arm of the government to scale to the extent of becoming chief justices.

Miscarriage of justice is not done in any secrecy but in broad day light with absolute disregard and utter impunity. Judicial independence has also been sacrificed for executive pleasure. Once any of the many mediocres marauding the corridors of law courts as chief justices wishes to gain promotion, the easiest means remains to play to the executive gallery. No one seems bothered at this horrendous rascality. The law court which is meant to be the last resort of the common man has made justice and equity "illegal".

Why the stiffening of the common legal protocol in the case between the federal government of Nigeria and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra Worldwide has continued without explanation is one of the many instances to buttress my worry on the sorry state of judicial rascality ongoing in the damnation called Nigeria. The unnecessary, shameful cum avoidable complexities heralding a matter that has gained so much global traction as this shows the observing World nothing but that Nigeria still exists in the very old past.

Hunger has made justice in Nigeria the cheapest service to the wealthy. The extent of ridicule on the justice system here in the damnation called Nigeria is so wide that a justice of the federal high court can pass a verdict over an issue  after going through series of rigorous legal procedures and another  Justice will be chosen to render the same  verdict inconsequential because government's interest has not yet been covered.

It is common knowledge in public domain that the indigenous people of Biafra was declared a legal body by  justice Binta Nyako of the federal high court in Abuja the capital of the damnation called Nigeria on 1st March, 2017 . By this verdict from the Justice Binta Nyako, any other verdict against the Indigenous People of Biafra from same federal high court remains a contradiction of common law and equity and jurisprudence. The standard for determining whether a body is terrorist or not is so global that no nation can wake up from clannish conspiracy and unilaterally tag any body or organization a terrorist organization without a requisite evidence to back such up before the international comity of nations.

Nigeria, which remains a terrorist state has not seen any sense in domesticating the global recognition of Fulani  herdsmen as terrorists, with all the anti-human and anti-life impunity they have continued to execute for donkey years but Nigeria is striving too erroneously to label an entire nation of Biafra a terrorist nation even though there is no traceable act of human life violation by the organized group of intellectual, professional, academic cum expertise Biafrans currently spearheading the call for the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra. The ongoing campaign for the freedom of Biafra has gained global recognition for being the most peaceful mass movement Worldwide but Nigeria doesn't seem to see nor want to hear this.

One thing remains true and most assuredly obvious and that is that Nigeria is alone in her spoil to label IPOB a terror body. I have not heard in  my  entire life that any nation of people has collectively been tagged terrorists except here in Nigeria. The choice may lie in conspiracy or misconception of the word "indigenous" by the presiding chief justice Kafarati and the Nigeria fraudulent state.

This battle is one I know for sure that Nigeria can never win. The restoration of the state of Biafra is one mission too divine, serious, sacrosanct and resolute for a mediocre state like Nigeria to win. The argument that 'Nigeria has never won any battle' is once again so glaring in the face that  everyone can attest. If the terror so-called Nigeria is tossed up and down a million times over, the most certain result remains that nothing good can come out of a country that chooses to live the life of million years in the past.

The only and surest way of saving the humanitarian crises that shall follow a forceful disbandment of the damnation called Nigeria if nothing is done to force Nigeria to quit the travesty on the case between her and the Indigenous people of Biafra is nothing more than to force Britain to come down and undo what she had done.

In conclusion, THE INDIGENOUS PEOPLE OF BIAFRA is a nation of people with common value systems and can therefore never be referred to as a terrorist organization. What we are asking for is nothing but the peaceful separation of the state of Biafra from Nigeria. Justice Kafarati of the federal high court of the damnation called Nigeria must be called back, given appropriate tutorial and made to revert to the original verdict of the federal high court as presided over by Justice Binta Nyako on the 1st of March, 2017.


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