Saturday 09 December 2017

The Media War: Radio Biafra Poses To Step Up Its Dominance In Broadcast Into Biafra Airwave. A Move To Support $1.5 Million Fm Relay Stations Installation Project

Dominate and set the pace in broadcasting service Into Biafra airspace, the war is lost and won. Our people are empowered, the prospective Biafra referendum is imminent and, forever we shall be emancipated from the shackles of British- Hausa Fulani Slavery alliance against Biafrans

In every liberation struggle, opinion influence moulding or ideology media play relevancy. Howbeit, in world political ideology and policy formations, media is the umbilical cord that does the bidden. Be it any form of media platform, electronics, social or print, it is more powerful than military arsenal. Media are like teachers that do build sky scrappers in the mind of students, who empirically actualize the construction of the edifices. Once a particular ideology constantly dominates the media for a long period of time, People or the society will begin at the tone, conform to and hold such ideology as fact or principle.

Undoubtedly, the Supreme Leader of IPOB Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, humbly deputized by Uche Mefor, heavily supported by Members of the DOS and IPOB families globally with its headquarter in Germany takes cognizance to the fact that media are powerful instruments in dissemination of information regarding spiritually directed, unquestionable and sacrosanct Biafra restoration project.

Our" "Ohamadike" of IPOB sparkles and brands the new and final phase of Biafrans freedom in an indomitable style of freedom fighting ever known to the black race. Primarily, through the establishment of Radio Biafra London (RBL), the encyclopedia and compendium University of knowledge broadcasting media, with his educative and informative thunderous voice, he cultivates, germinates and waters conscious seeds of freedom in our people. This wildfire fuels with the naked truth hidden from Biafrans in ages is capped with bravery before the ultimate payable prize for freedom. He Started from a single mobile platform broadcasting system,  culminated into multiple sophisticated, undefeated, unstoppable machineries that are giving Nigeria-Yorubas' gutter, jostling uneducated and kickback dominated media technical knock-out on the lies they fed the gullible among us that threatens our brotherhood existence and keeps us at digger throat among us, residing in that gerrymandering region of old Eastern Nigeria (Biafra).

They learnt this biblical Delilah work of media from their British allied against Biafrans. Today, unlike never before, after BIAFRA genocidal war, the solemn gospel of Biafra restoration gripped and swept across the Conscientious conscience of humanity across the globe. Through the same media, Radio Biafra (RB) overturns their machinations. That is the power of RB media.

Much to their chagrin, Nigeria Government nucleuses by Islamic caliphate political lords, spearheaded by their anchor Hitman, Mohammadu Buhari and their cohorts become furious about the devastation RB has done to their exploitative tendencies and dominance on Biafra resources. They vowed, working to stop at nothing to have RB and all her sisters stations shut down perpetually.

Firstly, through the Nigeria Broadcasting Cooperation (NBC) they tried in vain to keep RB off air. Diplomatic means and lobbying were employed and still being employed to date on international fronts to root our vibrant Biafrans megaphone from their various countries of locations, disappointedly they are unable to succeed.

Relentlessly, willing Judas, mischievous, greedy, power-hungry conspirators, sons and daughters of perdition within IPOB families summit themselves to the whims and Caprices of their pay Masters to complete the assignment of destroying IPOB platforms. Strategically, they floated fake Biafra radio and created parallel authority,  Sponsored by Nigeria Government through Orji Uzor Kalu. Again, What a fruitless efforts? That is tantamount to no attempt made.

The last stroke that they hatched that would have broken the camel's back, contrary to their assurance did boomerang. They resolved to brute Force, inhumane treatment and illegal prescription of IPOB and associated materials. Ohaneze Ndi Igbo and all Igbo/ South East Governors are accomplices to that cruel execution.

Written By Aham Gecentgrace

For IPOB Writers


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