The Day Of Joy Is Coming, A Call For Referendum

Author : prince chinonso Jacob 

 IPOB Writers

Date . Dec.27, 2017


Biafrans all over the universe, the appointed time is near,
your suffering all these years is about to come to an end.
The referendum is the focus now. Yes, the referendum is a Yes or No vote used to determine whether indigenous people are ready for self-rule.

Yes, will be in favour of Biafra and No against Biafra.
The dreams and aspirations of our fallen heroes are due to be rewarded with the restoration of the united and a sovereign state of Biafra. This writes up is to alert every Biafran to prepare their minds and to inform their families and relatives residing in any part of the world to understand the need and importance of referendum.

Yes, your first question should be: will Nigerian government agree to it? And the answer to this is Yes, the reason being that the Nigerian government will have no alternative than to key in and accept it.
To the doubting Thomas who thinks it is Business as usual or it is Operation Crocodile Smile, Tears or Python Dance which left many of our youths dead but they will look with their eyes and see that Nigeria they see today they shall see no more.

Secondarily, you will be asking: is there any defence that Biafrans are putting up? I want everyone reading this article to know that Biafrans have absorbed, endured and swallowed enough pains, recorded many deaths yet we have remained peaceful and we hold this record against the Nigerian government.
Should there be next attempt by Nigerian soldiers to follow the path of war, they and their families will bear the consequence.

All I want you to understand and prepare your mind for is that a referendum shall be conducted, it is as assured as you know that there will always be tomorrow. I call on everyone that is a Biafran to get ready because there is nothing that can stop us from God in heaven is still in charge.

There is no project we set out our mind to achieve that we have never achieved you can testify to that.

Therefore, inform your extended families in the remote villages, reach out to them and tell them that this is one in a lifetime opportunity to liberate themselves and their families forever.

This is not the era of collecting bribe to remain in perpetual poverty and curses rather it is a time to end slavery and injustice in their lives and to their generation yet unborn.
 It is time to usher in a nation that will make us all equal before the law.
A time to choose good above bad, a time to accept God's own nation Biafra above devil's enclave, Nigeria.
A time to end fuel scarcity and hold our leaders accountable for any mistake they make once they are elected to lead us.

Get ready to vote yes on Biafra referendum, get ready to "yes am a Biafran"; get ready for the referendum that is the key to end the evil that is associated with Nigeria. Say yes to the referendum on Biafra restoration and be Free.
All hail Biafra



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