Biafra: A Call To Release Biafra Journalists, Chucks And Dan Held By The Nigerian Govt. 

Author: Prince Chinonso Jacob

IPOB Writers

Date : Dec.30th,2017


This is a call on all human right organizations and activists to persuade Nigerian government to free Chucks Egwuatu and Daniel of Biafra family writer.

On the 4th November, 2017 was a day Enugu state local govt election was scheduled to hold but was boycotted and Chucks Egwuatu of Biafra Family Writers was on the field to cover how the voting or boycott was going on but was arrested by the Nigerian police force and has been remanded in prison without trial.

It is very surprising that in this era of democracy, one can still be accused and sentenced without trial in any court of law. It is, therefore, time for the whole world to call the Nigerian government to order because things are getting out of hands and we, Biafrans, are running out of patience with the Nigerian government.

 Chucks and Dan have never engaged in any act or semblance of terrorism nor have they disturbed the public peace. They were only, on the 4th of November, 2017, carrying out their journalistic work but were arrested and up until now, the Nigerian government has not cared to take them to court, they are being maltreated and assaulted to accept a crime they never committed.

 The world should ask the Nigerian government why they are so afraid of litigations? And why are they brutalizing and depriving Egwuatu Chucks and so many other pro-Biafra activists their fundamental human right? If the Nigerian government has the genuine case why are they delaying for the past two months to take them to court? It is obvious this present Nigerian regime is a terrorist one.

The world should please persuade the Nigerian government to free Egwuatu Chucks and Mr Dan with every other Biafra activist because the self determination is not a crime, neither is journalism a crime. 

Free Egwuatu chucks, free all the Biafran activists


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