Sunday, November 19, 2017. 21:54GMT
IPOB's Successful Anambra Election Boycott, A Big Nightmare To The Nigeria Government 

Have you noticed how in an election where there was no recorded violent disruption or major incident, how long it's taking INEC to announce the final results of who won the contest in Anambra State? The reason for the delay is because Aso Rock instructed INEC to agree with the political parties to push up the figures of the number of people that voted to make it appear reasonable so the credit won't go to IPOB for rendering the election useless and impotent due to poor turnout of voters. This is because if the turnout is below average, under the law, the election automatically becomes impotent and cancelled.  If they manage to convince all the parties not to challenge the result then in their minds IPOB would have been defeated. How mistaken they are.
  Why was it that when the late Buhari was elected across 33 states in 2015 the result was announced within a few hours after the polls closed? Anambra State is only one state with 2.2 million voters, why is it taking all this time to announce a winner? The reason is that they are treading carefully and negotiating every figure with the parties so the world won't know that only 7,000 people voted throughout Anambra yesterday.
  As we have said earlier, they can lie and falsify the figures all they like, they can add as many zeros as possible like Abiola's ITT cheque, that won't matter because we have the video evidence of what happened which is that people boycotted the polls. The same we disgraced Buratai and Ali Mansur with irrefutable video evidence when Nigerian Army denied invading Kanu's house, that is how IPOB will dismantle INEC after this. We are waiting for them to announce their fake result then we set about exposing them.
As only less than 20% of voters turned up in the Anambra election, it must be nullified and cancelled and a referendum date should be given. Nigeria should think of what is going to happen to presidential elections in 2019 and itself from further global ridicule and embarrassment.  This strongly shows that Anambra people have lost faith in the Nigeria electoral process. All we need is Biafra and nothing more.
All hail Biafra.



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