Friday 17 November 2017

IPOB Writers Press Release: FG Planning To Use Anambra Election To Derive False Evidence Against IPOB In Court

Troops Arrival in Anambra State Ahead of Gubernatorial Election

We the IPOB Writers are unequivocal in our stern warning to Biafrans in Anambra state on the dire need to stay at home on the 18th of Nov., 2017 being Saturday this week, the scheduled day for the Anambra gubernatorial election.

This warning is being necessitated by the plethora of dreadful soldiers deployed in Anambra state for such a civil exercise as election; and viewing the characteristic behaviour of Nigerian soldiers, which without reference to decades of decay and recklessness, as their recent barbarism and rampage is not farfetched, it is more apt to classify them as terrorists.

An adage says, "a son sent by his father to rob, breaks the door with his foot". Nigerian soldiers have been killing Biafran civilians with impunity.

These same untrained, irresponsible trigger-happy gun operators called Nigerian soldiers, if you are not forgetful, have taken many Biafran youths to their early graves with the most recent one being the invasion of Nnamdi Kanu's home residence in Afara-Ukwu Ibeku, an unwarranted operation which left many Biafrans dead, others missing till date including Nnamdi Kanu and parents who must have been abducted by the invading soldiers.

It, therefore, behooves wisdom, with regard to the track record of the Nigeria military, to take the side of safety and stay at home on the 18th Nov., 2017 because an adage says that an ocean does not swallow one whose feet it did not see.

Nigerian soldiers are out to molest, brutalise, shoot and kill those who venture to come out and vote.

They have been mandated by the commander-in-chief to make sure they create evidence that must be used in court to prove that IPOB is a terrorist organization, hence, they are to disguise themselves and feign IPOB members.

In that regard, they will act as though they are IPOB members and then shoot at people who came out to vote, in order to garner the false evidence they are looking for.

There is no point risking your lives for an election whose winner has been selected.

The truth remains that, in the past elections, your votes never counted; whether you went out to vote or not, who had been selected for the office did emerge eventually. Results were already filled before the election and this election will follow same rigging.

So, going out to vote puts your lives at risk and simultaneously gives the federal government the much needed false evidence against IPOB which it has been hunting for.

Apart from the fact that Biafrans have chosen to boycott Nigerian elections for the purpose of Biafra referendum and eventual Biafra freedom, it is singularly clear that masses make the mistake of their lives voting politicians into office, who, as far as Nigeria's setting is concerned, must pay them back in bad coin.

At the installation of the puppets, the primary duty of the government which is security of lives and properties becomes what can be toyed with, with the puppets aiding and approving military operations that lead to the loss of lives and properties of their citizenry.

It becomes necessary to ask why soldiers are deployed in a civil exercise like an election seeing that there is no war situation in Anambra nor any chaotic atmosphere in the state which security operatives like the police, required by the law to ensure peaceful atmosphere in civilian exercises, can not handle.

Having known the recklessness adopted by trigger-happy Nigerian military in the discharge of their operations, which does not elapse without records of molestations, brutality and death, coupled with the fact that the federal government that deployed them has an uterior plan it wants to hatch, which is some false evidence needed in court to keep IPOB on terrorist status, it is most safe to stay indoors to avoid being used by the government to achieve its evil end.

Therefore, stay at home on Saturday for your safety and give no ample opportunity for the government to hatch its plan.

Signed by Mazi Collins, IPOB Writers Editor In Chief 


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