Tuesday 08 November 2017

BIM, The sellout of Biafra Is At It Again

The news going round on the social media that IPOB is responsible for the bomb explosion in Enugu is a lie which the world must know about.

 Ralph uwazulike has been doing all he can to become relevant but the glory has departed from him.

The BIM deceitful leader recently accused IPOB in Enugu of being the brain behind the bomb explosion in enugu thereby resulting to the arrest of two Biafran writers who were on duty to cover the event on 4th November local govt election in Enugu state.

Egwuatu chucks and Prince are Biafran journalists who put their live in line to get real time information regarding election boycott in Enugu State.

IPOB has remained a peaceful movement in the actualization of Biafra despite the killing of their youths by Nigerian government and its security operatives.
Uwazulike has proven to the entire Biafrans that he is a saboteur, counting from event of testifying as a masquerade at Abuja high court against Nnamdi Kanu to campaigning desperately for election in Anambra state.

 To this effect we want to let the world know that Nigeria government is using Uwazulike  to further their ploy of manipulation and dent our image. And Nigeria government should free Mazi  Chucks Ewuatu and Mazi Prince because being a journalist is not a crime. Furthermore, Anambrians should learn from Enugu people and stay at home to avoid any eventuality.
 No politician worth laying their lives for. And Uwazulike should be avoided, disregarded and brought to justice for all the fraud he has committed against our people all in the name of Biafra and he must be rejected exactly the way MASSOB rejected him because If he really wants the freedom of Biafrans, he wouldn't be driving with the federal government plate number and being protected by Nigerian police and army.

By Prince Chinonso Jacob 
For IPOB Writers


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