Tuesday 14 November 2017

Biafra: We Say No To Election In Anambra State

On the 18th of November 2017, the world media will be looking at the firstborn of Biafra race to lead us all to freedom.
The assertion has been that Anambra people like money, yes, there is no doubt, we like money and money works for us because after the civil war the damages done were much but the ever-resilient people of Anambra state were able to build their cities without the help of the Nigerian government.

My point is that whatever Anambrians set out their minds to achieve, that they always achieve because there is no hindrance to a determined mind.
The power belongs to the people and no force can defeat the resolved of people.

Taking a look at all of them that are contesting for the Anambra gubernatorial election, none of them is worthy to die for, they all appear innocent now but the moment they get hold of that office they turn to Tigger.
This has been the case since the inception of the entity called Nigeria because the constitution and the structure of the government were designed to favour a particular Race - "Hausa Fulani - who now empower anyone that wants to become a governor in the Eastern state or Biafra lands who would, in turn,  do their bidding.

In a clear term, if you are from the South East or South South and you so desired to be a governor this Hausa oligarchy from the north will always give you terms and conditions to become that, which include the killing of our people just for their selfish interest.

What are we set to achieve with November 18th election boycott?

We want to tell the world that we the people have resolved to take their mandate back. We want to recall all our representatives back because they are no longer representing us. Hence democracy is government by the people and for the people, we the people,okada riders, Artisans, Drivers, Teachers, farmers etc do not feel a sense of belonging in the Nigeria system of democracy any longer.

Therefore, we want United Nations to organize and monitor a referendum to ascertain our opinion concerning our freedom and that they shall do once Anambrians boycott 18th November election in Anambra state.

We also want to save the lives of people whom politicians in their own selfish interest would want to kill just to win an election.

Everyone has been warned against going out to vote. Why it is safer and more beneficial to stay at home is that you have nothing to lose because whether you vote for a particular candidate or not, they will still do their selection and put who they want to be there. So why must you waste your time, energy and your life on someone who doesn't care if you live or die?

But once you boycott the election a mandate has been given to indigenous people of Biafra to ensure a date for a referendum and our new nation Biafra is all about equity and justice. It will be a nation where the political office holders will be servants to the masses and must account for all their actions and lives of people under them.

Before you forget let me remind you of people killed by these same politicians that want you to vote for them. 30th August massacre at Uga junction by Navy ordered by Anambra state governor; October massacre at bridgehead by Nigeria military at midnight ordered by Buhari/Obiano in 2015; Nkpor massacre at Saint Edmund Catholic church, Eke Nkpor massacre, Nkpor junction massacre, all happened at 29/30th of May 2016.

They were all killed by politicians, they were someone's brothers, sisters, uncles, cousins and nephews. Put yourselves in their relatives' shoes and feel their pains.

Anambra people, it is time to end this slavery and you have the power to do it and on 18th November 2017, you must boycott the election and save your lives forever and have a real test of freedom.

No election in Biafra land

By Prince Chinonso Jacob 
For IPOB Writers



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