Monday 20 November 2017

Biafra: Nigeria In A Banquet  Of Lies and Moral Dilemma After The Successful BOYCOTT Of Anambra Election 

Scanty polling units shows a successful boycott by IPOB

We all anticipated the ongoing charade of lies on Anambra election boycott success from the ever lying government of Nigeria through its stupid money-can buy news media outlets/platforms as a mandatory last resort for survival. So, no one should be too alarmed at the festival of lies ongoing. What matters most is whether or not we have enough facts to counter the ongoing culture of lies or not. Unfortunately to Nigeria, we as usual, have mapped out efficient counter-strategies to unleash against the ever lying government of Nigeria in the event that the expected becomes a reality as is currently being dished out already to the chagrin of the foreign observers mission who were on ground to observe the success or otherwise of the BOYCOTT of the election.

Evidence of a conspicuous, alarming, massive, overwhelming and successful election BOYCOTT abound among the various field reports from the ever investigative field reporters from Biafrans and Biafran journalists who were on the ground in Omambala/Anambra on the 18th of November 2017, being Saturday. We do not wish that a country as Nigeria, being in her sixth republic would be taught how to understand the Democratic templates or existing laws that validate the successful emergence of a candidate as an acceptable winner in an election, when even the simplest majority of votes was not won by such a candidate.

This calls for a debate of analysis of available facts and figures by all political scientists proponent to one Nigeria. We wish to be told why the spurious subversion of the existing laws bothering on election success and subsequent emergence of a candidate without reaching the stipulated simple majority has to be acceptable in the Anambra polls.

Is this another open endorsement of ridicule and shame on the already ridiculed nomenclature so-called Nigeria before the viewing World or a conspiracy to sustain mediocrity by forestalling the application of rule of law where it even matters most?

How much a giant Nigeria really and ridiculously is on the Negroid conscience is no doubt once more in question. Is Nigeria by this open mandate to mediocrity saying or inferring that it is normal for any government in Africa to trample upon rule of law guiding election success in order to achieve any selfish end ever desired?

What examples or precedents the  power-drunk charlatans in the helms of affairs in Nigeria and the election umpire (INEC) are endorsing from now till God knows when will require a spiritual dissection to detach from the rotten system in Nigeria, if the gear is not reversed from this incredulous endorsement of falsehood and truth of the boycott allowed to surface from the conspiracy of suppression currently ongoing.

In the obvious moral dilemma currently gripping the Nigerian government too tightly on the OUTCOME of the polls which recorded massive BOYCOTT, I advise the cabals, the government, the umpires and all parties signatory to the falsity being now endorsed as the polls' outcome to tell the truth from bloating the figures, except there is a clandestine plan to draw a new election map of figures, thereby establishing this unconventional figure as a new political culture system


Written By Alex C. Okeke
 For IPOB Writers


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