Monday 27 November 2017

Biafra: 10% Governor On  “Thank You” Visit To Jibril Buhari

Willie Obiano And Buhari

Having fulfilled his side of the negotiation by massacring innocent IPOB members, the unpopular government of Anambra state headed by Willie Obiano visited Jibril Buhari to thank him for keeping his side of the negotiation.

Obiano visited Buhari on Friday 24th Nov 2017. This visit came up barely six days after re-assuming office with the fraudulent election that characterised him as the first ‘10% Governor’.

Recall that on Tuesday 3rd of October, 2017, this same Obiano visited Buhari where the duo perfected a plan to pad the outcome of the election if IPOB members fail to vote. Buhari promised Obiano a return-back to sit to seal the oath of blood-sucking they took sometimes ago.

Currently, Willie Obiano is piloting the affairs of more than 2.2million people with less than 100,000 votes. What a shameless unpopular government? In a sane country, he would have tendered his resignation letter immediately after losing people's mandate.

The government of Obiano is a blow to the so-called south-east leaders whose political interests have overshadowed their sense of reasoning. This shame has made Ohaneze not to congratulate Obiano on the uncontested Saturday 18th governorship election. If Obiano had won through people's mandate, Ohaneze Ndi-Igbo would have been singing in unison by now.

The successful boycott of that election has thrown Ohaneze into a state of confusion. Their steady ranting has seen a drastic decline this time. The only people trying to use the media to confuse the people is desperate Nigerian government. As for Ohaneze Ndi-Igbo? They know that there's fire on the mountain.

Obiano didn't only make history as the first Governor to assume office with less than 10% population of his people, he also made history as the first governor to visit the president barely 6days of the unsuccessful fraudulent election.

Obiano remains most unpopular governor in the history of modern politics and all his would-be policies can be challenged anytime and any day.

Activists lawyers should use this opportunity to advance their career, Willie Obiano’s government is a right spot to start with. Even a ‘charge-and-bail’ lawyer can do better with the case.
IPOB is an unbeatable force and won't rest until the restoration of a sovereign state of Biafra is achieved.

Chinedu Solomon
For IPOB Writers


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