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Biafra: Ways Of Preventing Monkey Pox Caused By Nigerian Military

Victim Of Monkey Pox

In my previous article titled "Biafra- Exposed- Monkeypox Linked To Nigerian Military Medical Outreach In Biafra Land", I explained how Monkeypox outbreak occurred in Biafra land.

As a trained reproductive health facilitator during my zoo NYSC service year, I embarked on research to see how we can improve on this ugly situation currently challenging our people.

Taking my searchlight to US Centre for Disease Control (CDC), I found out that there are many measures to prevent Monkeypox.

According to CDC website “There are numbers of measures that can be taken to prevent infection with monkeypox virus:

1. Avoid contact with animals that could harbour the virus (including animals that are sick or that have been found dead in areas where monkeypox occurs).

2. Avoid contact with any materials, such as bedding, that has been in contact with a sick animal.

3. Isolate infected patients from others who could be at risk for infection.

4. Practice good hand hygiene after contact with infected animals or humans. For example, washing your hands with soap and water or using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

5. Use personal protective equipment (PPE) when caring for patients.

Though Monkeypox is not as deadly as Ebola virus we need to adhere to above preventive measures in order to manage this virus. Awareness is needed now more than ever. Community health workers should swing into action, there's no time to waste. The government of Buhari seems unconcerned with our plight, our people said “person wey shoot person for leg no dey comot en bullet”. We don't expect them to respond.

The virus is spreading faster, Enugu, Rivers, Bayelsa and Akwaibom have all recorded the cases of Monkeypox. Let us go to the field for an awareness campaign.

Chinedu Solomon
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