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Biafra: To Avoid Extermination Of Biafrans, Nigeria Should Be Sanctioned By Int'l Community 

Biafra land in a state of comatose

The Python that penetrated Biafran land on a dancing voyage should understand that such adventure will not be allowed to continue.

The massacre of IPOB members at Umuahia and the subsequent proscription of the group as well as classifying them as terrorist - is the worst evil that the world has experienced in recent years. But the Nigerian government should not assume it to be business as usual where they kill and tell the world that "it is an internal matter".
This time the world should sanction the Nigerian government and bring her to justice.

The Nigerian government should know that protesting at American embassy, lobbying French government or pulling out from international organizations, united nations inclusive can not stop her from being prosecuted by international community.

Nigeria can run but cannot hide and I advise them to wake up to the reality on ground and do the needful. Nigeria government has killed and spilled the blood of innocent Biafrans who are steadily asking that their right to self-determination be recognised in Nigeria and I plead with the international community not to accept the bribe and cover up that Nigerian government is known for because the color of blood is red whether you are black or white, hence, injustice somewhere in the world is injustice everywhere in the world, therefore, injustice to Biafrans should be injustice to the world.

United Nations should not wait for a total war situation to breakout before the Nigerian government is called to order to save lives.

Despite the fact that the Nigerian government rushed to proscribe IPOB classifying it as a terrorist organization - after killing them - and persuading countries like France and US to do same just to cover the evil meted against Biafrans, Biafrans have remained resolute.

It is clear to everyone that the Nigerian government has killed us, humiliated us and continue to hunt us down with the most agonizing part being that they are denying all the evil they committed against us.

Therefore, it is time for the world to check the international terrorism act and decide between - Biafrans that are pursuing self determination through peaceful protests as is written in United Nations charter, and the Nigerian government through its army that has drowned IPOB in a mud water and murdered them - which one is a terrorist.

The fact still remains that Nigerian military is a terrorist organization because there is no difference between them and terrorists. Even terrorists are better than Nigeria military, because they kill and carry the dead bodies of their victims but terrorists do not deny their acts - they take responsibility.

The Nigerian government should understand that this hide-and-seek game is over and they can't go free after killing Biafrans. It is time for the hammer of justice to hit hard on Nigeria.

Therefore, I call on international community to bring Nigeria government to  justice now.

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