Monday 9 October 2017 // 05:48 PM 

Biafra: Looting Of Kanu's Properties By Nigerian Soldiers, An Act Of Broad Daylight Robbery

Nnamdi Kanu's House Robbery Victim By The Nigerian Military Men

A video surfaced online today being 8th of August, 2017 showing the footage of Nigerian soldiers looting all the properties in Kanu's house. The soldiers were seen taking the belongings of Kanu's household in a hilux van. The video lasted for several seconds.

The video attracted one of the well respected individual in Nigerian politics in the person of Chief Femi Fani Kayode who took to his twitter handle to condemn the action of Nigerian army.

How could a supposed country's military men be acting like criminals? Just barely three weeks of invading Kanu's house, these terrorists in army uniform went to loot a civilian’s properties.

When the masses complain that most of highway armed robberies are carried out by undeserved military men and some uninformed fellows will argue against that. In every high profile robbery, it is either a misguided security officer is involved or he/she is aiding the operation to go successfully.

Now that the world has seen the kind of military men produced by Nigerian Defense Academy, what will be the reaction of the international community, especially in the case of disappearance and looting of Biafrans’ properties?

This act of robbery is still in line with Arewa youths’ plans. They want to kill, burn our houses and finally loot Biafrans’ properties.

We will not fail to alert the United Nations and other world bodies to come to the rescue of Biafran people. if the current trend continues unabated then Biafran people are at the edge of extinction.

The Biafran governors can not do much, they have sold their souls to the devil. That is the reason why voting should be boycotted entirely in Biafran, starting with upcoming Nov 18th Anambra gubernatorial election. We can't be voting in betrayals, looting aiders, embezzlers and murderers.

As we can see, no one is safe in Biafra land, the security that is supposed to be protecting the people has turned to invaders and robbers. May Chukwu Okike give us strength to withstand this trying time and as well give us opportunity to write an article that would be titled “Biafra: The Mission Accomplished”

By Chinedu Solomon
For IPOB Writers


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