Monday 9 October 2017 // 05:20 PM 

 Biafra: How The Nigerian Government Accuses US, 79 Other Countries Of Supporting Terrorism

The Nigerian government under Gen Muhammadu Buhari, on its insistence in tagging IPOB a terrorist organization, has simply accused US and other 79 countries of the world of supporting terrorism.

Recall that the Nigerian government through the Attorney General of the Federal filed an order before a court in Abuja to declare IPOB a terrorist organization as well as proscribe its activities in the country, which order was okayed by the court. But since then, many individuals, groups and States have taken a different stance on the status of IPOB, maintaining that IPOB are not terrorists rather an indigenous people seeking justice, equity and freedom.

Countries like US, UK and others have also spoken against the decision of the Nigerian government and its court.

But despite such contrary  position of those countries and bodies, the Nigerian government has insisted that IPOB remains a terrorist organization, maintaining that Nigeria does not need US and other countries' opinion to declare who it feels is a terrorist group.

IPOB is found in not less than 80 countries of the world and the governments OF these countries give IPOB freedom to operate hence with such insistence on the terrorist status of IPOB by the Federal government of Nigeria under Gen Buhari, such countries are harbouring terrorists and as a result supporting terrorism.

It is a bit surprising seeing the guts with which Nigeria addresses US, saying that she(Nigeria) doesn't need their (US) opinion whereas US is supporting Nigeria on the fight against the terrorist sect, Boko-Haram.

Such temerity in no distant time may land Nigeria where she has been afraid of perching.

I advise the Nigerian government under Muhammadu Buhari to do the needful - withdraw the terrorist status of IPOB - because US, UK, UN, and others can not ALL be wrong at the same time, leaving Nigeria as the only Mr. Right.

If the countries that are spending taxpayers money to combat and abate terrorism can not be listened to, then the deafness that the Nigerian government feigns, will abruptly remove Nigeria from the world's map.

Nigeria should take a leaf from the recent referendums done around the world and the scheduled/debated ones. It should not just play adamance on the genuine agitation for freedom in the country while supporting similar agitations in other countries.

By Mazi Edozie
For IPOB Writers



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