Army Vaccination: Why I Ran For My Life When Soldiers Invaded My School - Okechukwu, a student Explains 

Okechukwu Nwakwuo, an SS3 student schooling in an undisclosed school in Ozubulu, Anambra state has revealed the reasons why he escaped when soldiers invaded his school.

Speaking to IPOB Writers, he said that he had heard the rumour that soldiers were going to schools forcing injections on students. And he had decided to hide any time he saw soldiers either in his community or in his school.

He said that the soldiers that killed his elder brother who was a member of IPOB would bring nothing but death to any Biafran.

He said, "I heard the rumour that soldiers were giving free vaccinations to students.

"I vowed to hide myself whenever I see them, because after killing my brother who went for IPOB rally, I don't believe they can offer any thing other than death to Biafrans.

"They can't invade a place without leaving a stench behind just as they invaded Nnamdi Kanu's house and the house has not remained the same.

"The same soldiers who have python-danced with the bloods of Biafrans cannot mean well for us.

"So when I heard about their vaccination exercise, I knew it was another form of Python Dance, maybe part 3.

"They came heavily armed to terrorise students into receiving the injections and I had to quickly escape. The rest of what I suspected was what happened.

"Three out of the students who received the injections have been confirmed dead," Nwakwuo said.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian Medical Association, NMA, in Imo state has warned parents and guardians against allowing their children to be injected by the those "administering unapproved medical vaccines".

Dr. Dike Nwoke, Secretary to the Association, yesterday, condemned the forceful vaccination of students by the Nigerian military warning  parents to avoid exposing their kids to such as it is to their own detriments.

The statement as reported by    Chukwuemeka Chimerue of Biafra Writers, read
 in part, “The Nigerian Medical Association, Imo State wishes to inform the General public that, whereas immunization is necessary for the prevention of some killer diseases especially in Children, there is no officially approved immunization programme going on in the state presently. As a result, parents and teachers are advised not to submit their wards/schools to persons or group of persons for any purported form of immunization.

“This is on the backdrop of the alarm being raised about "forced immunization" in some places in the state on Wednesday, 11th October 2017", Chukwuebuka reported.

Also, the Association advised the general public to stay away from all forms of "free medical programmes" that do not have the approval of Nigerian Medical Association, while they keenly monitor events as they unfold.

By Mazi Edozie,
For IPOB Writers


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