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The Real Cause Of The Military Slaughter Of Biafrans Exposed - The BiafraThink Tank

Let me tell you the real reason of the Nigeria military crackdown on the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB).

We could recall that the five SE governors met with Nnamdi Kanu. They asked him what his issues with Nigeria were.

He simply told them "We want a referendum".

They offered him money.

He refused.

They asked him if he will slow down at least for them to be reelected.

He refused. He stated clearly "there must be a referendum."
The five governors stood in front of the press and promised to take his complaints to the presidency.

They met with the presidency.

They told Buhari “Mr. President, this guy cannot be bought. He wants Biafra by all means”.

Buhari asked them. "What can we do"?

They said. “We will give you Nnamdi Kanu, will you give us second tenure and allow us to loot?”
Buhari said “Deal”

They then devised a plan. In their plan, the army will come to Abia (and other eastern states) claiming they are going for an Operation Python Dance 2.

Ikpeazu will then tell Kanu to relax that nothing is happening. He is covered. After Kanu has relaxed, then the army will attack.

This plan almost worked the first time. The plan also involved stationing the military all over South East to contain the Backlash after the assassination. However, something happened. The military men did not expect the boys at the compound not to run when they arrived. They were surprised at the suicidal nature of the boys ready to die to protect Kanu. So they retreated.

Ikpeazu again must act to make Kanu more relaxed so the army can then mount the second and last Maximum attack.
That was why Ikpeazu made the announcement about the Army withdrawing on Friday. That announcement was to induce Kanu to relax, sleep in his house and feel like he has been victorious. This will enable them attack, kill him and withdraw on Friday.

That attempt also failed. So Army was not happy and made an announcement on Friday indicating they will no longer withdraw.

They called the five governors and told them “You guys are not keeping to your side of the bargain”.

Now, they entered into their meeting and fabricated their last plan. “Let us proscribe IPOB, so Kanu will be shot at sight anywhere he is seen”.

My advice to Ndi Igbo. ... Kick these 5 governors out by all means.

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