07 September 2017 /  01: 35 pm

Tears in My Eyes: "Diary Of A Slain Boy"

10 years old Somtochukwu and only son of his parents, laying in the pool of his blood, killed by Nigerian soldiers on the Command of Rochas Okorocha Imo State governor; his blood cries for vengeance

Because the Country was hard, and we had nothing to do to find our daily bread and what to eat, that was why Mom had to rent a space at the market where we sell.

My name is Somtochukwu, or Somto for short as mom would call me. That Saturday morning, mom got information that the market was being demolished; people were running helter skater, and families were moving their stocks out.

Mom sent for me, to assist save our goods from being demolished, oh my poor mother, I was the only Son.

As I came down to assist mom, I saw TV stations and their presenters, I saw bloggers, even Mr. Awesome's Blog Team, I saw soldiers everywhere; I saw police Vans and how they were mean and agile, I want to be like them when I grow up; Only If I would ever grow up. The machines came and began demolition, people screamed, mom shouted, but we kept moving our goods,

Mom had prayed that I would grow up some day and probably have powers like the governor too. I was only Ten, and innocent.

All of a sudden the whole crowd seemed to be in a riot, everywhere became rowdy Mom and big sis ran to safety, I struggled to leave the crowd too in split seconds I started hearing gun shots here and there. The soldiers are trying to keep the masses out, I thought to myself.

I wanted to grow up and make mum proud. I saw her tears and wished Dad was Rich like the Governor I had dreams; I wanted to go to a good university; I wanted to study and get a decent job or even become a soldier too; I Love them.

Suddenly, something very hot hit my head. Everywhere Turned red in my eyes; I felt something like pee wet my short; I heard my sister scream, Somto! I still didn't know what has happened until I hit the ground and my blood flowed like water, I... I've been hit by a bullet in My head.

I wanted to get up, but I wasn’t  in control of my body again, I felt big sis shake me rapidly, and her tears got my shirt wet; I was still wondering what was going on, until I felt a crowd around me, Their voices sounded as though they were Far away,

Oh, I was losing myself. Then I heard a cry from afar, That was my mum's Voice, She rested her weight on me and begged me to get up; I really wanted to get up I swear, I love my mom, why won't I wanna get up to make her stop crying;  I didn't commit any offence, why would I be shot in my head,

I didn't insult any soldier, I didn't steal anything, I was only Ten; Why would any soldier want to take away my little life, would the governor Fight for me?

I tried to say, I love you mum, but I couldn't. Then Finally, I got up and I was happy, I tried hugging mom, but I passed through her, I screamed but no one heard me, I wondered why they can't see me, I saw mum cry and shake someone On the ground covered with blood; I looked closer, and that was another me.

Oh, my God, I'm Dead, I'm now a ghost, what have I done, I didn't offend anybody, I swear I was innocent you can ask my mum. I wanted to become a soldier, and have power like the governor

But I was shot dead by a soldier, who was brought by the Governor, would the governor fulfill all the promises I made to mum?

Dear Governor, please take care of my mum, I promised to fly her abroad for vacation, and start a big business for mum.

Someone should comfort my mom, tell her I Love her, I'm with God, I will be Fine

Thanks to Mr. Awesome who wrote my mind.

Source: Mr. Awesome Blog


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