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Nigeria: Nigeria @57, Celebrating 57yrs Of Pain And Agony

In the year 1960, Nigeria partially got her independence from imperial masters, Britain. The Nigerian masses took to the whole streets of Lagos and other cities with songs of joy and celebration to celebrate what may look like freedom. Every child was asked to recite “I pledge to Nigeria my country, to be faithful, loyal and honest” and it didn't stop here, they went further to add “one nation bound in freedom”.

Since 1960 till date, that song of joy has become a song of pain and agony. The hope of the people that made up the Nigerian contraption was dashed in a twinkle of an eye.

Six years after the independence, Nigerian government invaded old Eastern region in what they called ‘police action’ to stop a breakaway section of the country, Biafra Republic. The war lasted for three years, starting from 1967 to 1970.

Before, during and after the war was full of chaos. The Kaduna killings, Kano riot, Odi massacre, Zaki Biam massacre, Jos killings, Agatu massacre, Uzo Uwani killings, Biafra genocide, June 12, and many other incidents that wasted innocent blood.

It is not in the interest of this article to start giving the detailed accounts of these events because they are on the public domain, one can just type the keyword on a search engine and Google will present uncountable links to the particular event.

During my primary school days, I was always the flag bearer of my school. We did go to the local government during independence remembrance day celebration to salute the chairman of the local government. I never knew what we were doing until I grew up.

We were told that we were leaders of tomorrow. We finished primary school, secondary school and university with the hope of a better tomorrow but as days go by, everything became worse.

The same set of old cargos leading the country than are still leading till date. When my parents were telling me about Buhari and how he ruled between 1983-85 I never knew that in my lifetime such a man would find his way back to Nigerian leadership affairs.

The leadership of Nigeria has never cared for the people. The only people enjoying Nigeria political structure is Hausa-Fulani and perhaps her Yoruba counterpart.

So these two groups may disagree with me on 57yrs of pain and agony. They are enjoying Nigeria, and any call for a change of system is like removing their mouth from mama's nipple.

To other ethnic groups or rather Biafrans, Nigeria @57 is a WASTE. Nigeria has not benefited this section of the country so why should they celebrate pain and agony?

Are we celebrating Odi massacre or Biafra genocide? Are we celebrating Python Dance 1&2 or Crocodile Smile 1&2? What is it that we should celebrate about? The highest rate of unemployment? Fulani-herdsmen raping our women in broad daylight and orchestrated economic terrorism?

It will be a shame for any Biafran to engage in this year's independence madness. There is nothing to celebrate about.

We encourage every marginalized citizen of Nigeria to jettison independence celebration. The more we celebrate, the more the elites take us for granted. We the people must change the perception, the spectrum and the prism from which the elites view us.

Do not go to local government, state government or Eagle Square to salute anyone. The one we saluted before performed only one function - slavery. We surrendered our mandate to rogue politicians. It is time for us to bridge the gap between the elites and the people and the only way to do this is by staying far away from their selfish gathering or avoid participating in an election that will see to them being elected.

We can not regain our freedom if we continue to honor useless invitations. By the time they notice our stubbornness and rejection then they will start taking us seriously.

Do not allow anyone to deceive you about respecting the founding fathers of Nigeria. There is nothing like founding fathers, it was a conspiracy to hold Nigerian masses to ransom. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Ahmadu Bello and Awolowo didn't found Nigeria, rather they consolidated on Lugard’s arrangement. Moreover, these three men never agreed on the current Islamic empire called Nigeria. It was a regional government they agreed on.

The only thing that will liberate captivated Nigerians is total disintegration. Then new Nations will come together to form a formidable force but it will be on agreed terms and conditions.

Dear fellow marginalized innocent Indigenous people desist from participating in Nigeria @57 celebration. Both on Sunday and Monday public holidays should be channeled to something meaningful than wearing irritant green-white-green colors.

Chinedu Solomon
For IPOB Writers



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