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Justice Kafarati

 It is quite regrettable and disappointing that Nigeria can as a Nation or more rightly a country which has existed for more than five decades continue to display ignorance and barbarity in the way and manner with which she handles the most delicate internal matters that do not in anyway call for brute and fiasco. Nigeria got her independence from Britain in the year 1960 precisely on the first of October without any known shedding of blood. Why Nigeria cannot yield to same call for Independence by Biafra is one thing that befuddles common reasoning.
Nigeria's declaration of Operation codenamed "PYTHON DANCE" in old eastern Nigeria and more appropriately Biafraland, which has the long record of being more Peaceful than obviously belligerent parts of Nigeria is another   thought provoking episode. Operation Python dance or "Egwu Eke" could have been done in an un-exposed place if the motive for the operations had no ulterior intentions with ethno-supremacist, religious cum avoidable political vendetta, which unarguably has remained the most operational navigator among all other things of the most unfortunate fraud and viscious political congregation of organically cum ideologically conflictual and dissenting people.

Nepotism, tribalism, political vendetta, ethno-populist despotism, parochialism, partiality, ethno-political jingoism, promotion of primitive religion, demographic and selective  intra-tribal preference and consolidated conspiracy. All these and more others are the reasons Nigeria has remained in the self-inflicted Slough or visibly unproductive and unprogressive state.

The most rallying point in Nigeria's political life has remained from time immemorial unnecessary and primitive resort to tribal jingoism. Nigeria has a long history of inflicting avoidable suspicion on her wheel of national progress.

 Nigeria could have done better if all her preferred anti-national, conspiratorial and self-damaging unpragmatic policies where suspended for national cohesion and pursuit of the most acceptable secularity in policy formation. Lack of merit as a standard for qualification and appointment or promotion is even more noticeable here because I can not state exactly why Nigeria's intelligence Outfits will randomly fall INTO a trap simultaneously with a questionable and laughable spontaneity with no shock absorber. If not that Nigeria's DSS and other sister intelligence outfits have been unduly saturated with any willing PERSON OF DAURA extraction, I doubt if the present milieu and dilemma which Nigeria currently situates could have been possible. Sustained National conspiracy and ethno-supremacist inclinations are the traceable reasons why Nigeria's military could be unleashed on the over-hyped and unarmed so-called BSS without unleashing a commiserate Battalions of military personnel and hardware on an even more daring HISBA POLICE and marauding Fulani terrorists.

 Now that all these aggregate and suppressive anti-secular and conspiratorial ethno-vindictive and supremacist policies have thrown the Nigerian state in a dilemma, what next?? Hatred and parochialism is the most conspicuous reason why Nigeria could not use efficient intelligence gathering personnel and gadgetries to analyse and differentiate PASSIVE AGGRESSION from TERRORISM and War-mongering. It is not enough to allude whatever record of gibberish you want to accuse Prince prophet Dr Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra Worldwide (IPOB)of without POINTING at least one very EVENTUALITY of such an act before the World in an attempt of nailing him or criminalizing the citizenry of the indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB)Worldwide.

  It is any people's willingness or reluctance to embrace a changing global revolution to match head to head with the growing World or remain adamant with ready-made  truck-load of excuses. The World is fast revolutionizing and nations are picking up her every wheel to make the navigation a priority. Nigeria is headed to the precipice but the unfortunate observation here remains that Nigeria is RESPONSIBLE for this unfortunate resultant.

  History would have helped Nigeria above all other things IF only there were HISTORIANS in her corridors of power. One thing which must happen is that Nigeria must break into pieces and BIAFRA must come. It is however too late to say NO. HATRED HAS DONE THE MOST FOOTPRINTS ON NIGERIA THAN ANYTHING ELSE.

   In conclusion, it is a GREAT thing for African Historians to Write the name of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu THE GREAT in the Greatest HALL-OF-FAME for defining or laying a REVOLUTIONARY TREND in the history of African political Independence. Wherein it is no longer War that offsets a political REVOLUTION but HIGH INTELLIGENCE
 and Ultra-PSYCHOLOGY. And Nigeria shall be written as the first victim to this REVOLUTION.

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