Thursday 14 September, 2017 // 04:20 pm

Exposed: Gov. Obiano, One Of The Brains Behind Operation Python Dance 11(See Evidence)


Evidence at the disposal of IPOB Writers shows that the government of Willie Obiano, the Anambra state governor, is among the brains behind the Operation Python Dance 11 (Egwu Eke 11).

In an official letter to the Traditional Ruler of Oba Community and the President-General, Oba Town Union, Idemili South LGA, the government of Obiano through the State's Secretary, Prof. Solo Osita Chukwulobelu, stated to inform the dual (President-General and Traditional Ruler) of the  "Use of Old Oba Airport Site For Joint Security Exercise By Members Of Nigerian Armed Forces"

It is understood that the said joint exercise is the Operation Python Dance 11, and according to the letter, it was scheduled to take off on the 12th of September, 2017.

According to the letter, "The purpose of the exercise is to encourage cordial relationship between the civilians and security officers/operatives as well as to deter criminals and discourage criminality in the state" but the said exercise is now a source of pain and death to the civilians meant to establish cordial relationships with.

The said exercise has killed residents and travellers in both Umuahia, the capital of Abia, Port Harcourt, the capital of Rivers state.

In the said exercise meant to establish relationships with civilians, unarmed pro-Biafra activists who pose no harm to any military, are killed on daily basis, which suggests that the exercise was either meant to establish acrimony between civilians and the armed forces or it was orchestrated to mow down the pro-Biafra activists.

The south east governors are indicted in this anomaly because without their permission, such exercise which is unconstitutional, could not have commenced.

As at the time of filing this report, 14th Sept. 2017, the said exercise has resulted to ethnic clash between the Hausa-Fulani and Igbo communities as reports from eyewitnesses have confirmed that "Hausa-Fulani trooped into Aba, in the night, and killed so many Igbo residents in Uratta area of Aba".

Written By Mazi Edozie
IPOB Writers


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